Ralph & Rosie’s Restaurant/Lounge (Boynton Beach)

Posted on April 30th, 2008 · American Boynton Beach Italian

*****  Ralph & Rosie’s Restaurant/Lounge, 2017 South Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, Florida (561) 731-4400.

There are joints and then there are JOINTS…

This combination restaurant-lounge-drive thru-liquor store-takeout is an absolutely fantastic place to enjoy a casual lunch or dinner. I guarantee that no matter what your taste, you will find something that you will enjoy on Ralph & Rosie’s menu. Just so we are straight, this joint which has rock-bottom prices and humongous portions doesn’t serve crap. Its pizzas, burgers, salads, subs, seafood-meat-veal entrees are top-notch. Do yourself a big favor and check to review all of the fantastic dishes “Ralph” (who looks just like Joe Pesci) cooks-up in his kitchen. I must tell you, that the thin crusted pizza and chicken parmigiana sub are as good if not better than that served in the 5-boroughs.

From the road (South Federal Highway), Ralph & Rosie’s looks like a dump-building which has a tiki-bar rapped around the outside. Unless you are a real “explorer,” the odds say that you have never stopped (and never will) at a joint that looks like this.

Ralph & Rosie’s consists of a a small building which houses a bar and a very small bandstand. There are no dining tables inside, but there is a nice sized out-door thatched roofed  tiki-bar which seats about 75 for dinner or lunch.

Rather than knocking myself out trying to describe this joint, take a look at the menu and pictures at the joint’s website and you will get an idea of what Ralph & Rosie’s is all about.

The food is great. The service is great. The owners are great.

On certain nights, there is free entertainment. Don’t miss Joey Dale & The Gigolos who perform on Friday & Saturday nights…this group gives Dion & The Belmonts and Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge a real run for the money.

Rather than my going on and on and on…just give Ralph & Rosie’s a try. The joint is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Tee shirts/shorts are at home here.

This is a fabulous place to know about.

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  1. Angelo T. says...

    Went to Ralph and Rosie’s this past Friday night. It was cold outside so you couldn’t eat in the outdoor tiki bar. The inside bar was jammed with people around 9:30pm and Joey Dale & The Gigolos were singing. The big problem with Ralph’s is that if the weather isn’t nice you have no place to eat. This is a great place for pizza etc and fun music but you have to go on a nice Friday or Saturday night.
    By the way did you ever hear of Vinnies Restaurant in Davie? It’s another real nice place for good Italian food and old 50s-60s music?

  2. JeffEats says...

    Angelo T.: Just had a chance to read your post. I agree with you 100% that Ralph & Rosie’s needs an indoor area to eat in. On Vinnies…I have heard about the joint but haven’t had a chance to “try it out.” When I do, you’ll see a writeup.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. eric says...

    great pizza nd doo wop music.
    highly recommended.
    also try vinnies in Davie, real good place for doo wop music.

  4. Scott Mark says...

    Dear Jeff,
    I was reading an e mail that was sent to me earlier this evening. I heard about a doo wop group joey and the gigalos. Have you ever seen the group preform? I was just curious.


    • Stanley D. says...

      Joey Dale has a group called Joey Dale & The Gigolos. They use tracks when they sing. They work local bars in the South Florida area. They are OK but that’s about it for this group.

      Joey Dale is promoting a show at FAU this coming January 2011 which stars groups like The Cadillacs and The Cleftones. The Gigolos will also perform.

  5. victor says...

    I love Joey Dale & The Gigolos.

  6. LD says...

    This past weekend I saw Joey & Gigolos at a Christmas party.
    Musically they are decent enough, but I’m not a fan of track music.

  7. Tony says...

    Great food.
    As someone mentioned, you need good weather.

  8. km says...

    hope the restaurant wins its case.
    on joey dale, he is a jackass.

  9. From: Francine De Salva
    Subject: Ralph and rosies Boynton Beach, Fl

    Message Body:
    Please tell me you were kidding about the “great” review you gave this place and it’s owners Per your review we went. What a horrible experience for my 5 friends and I. The short guy Ralph fought in LOUD voices with the cook(older female) over personal business!!! They acted like we didn’t matter,the customer!! Much filthy language. The unkempt waitress wth badly decayed front teeth apologized for them. The Dewars was not Dewars jn my drink and the food I couldn’t eat after one look at the waitress and the dirty surroundings. the whole experience was a night mare. I told ten people and they told ten etc, Maybe you should revisit and retract to save your reputation. This ain’t the “joint” you wrote of ..Maybe jail…..

  10. JeffEats says...

    Francine De Salva:

    Just had a chance to read your post.

    The “review” printed below- appeared in the Palm Beach Post 21 days before Jeff Eats’ review.

    Back “then” Rakph & Rosie’s was a terrific joint. Then again, maybe Ralph fooled both me and the Post critic.

    Based on your post, things may have changed for the worse. Please keep in mind, that our reviews were written over 3 years ago.

    Thanks for reading…

    Dolphin fingers tops at Ralph & Rosie’s
    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
    Neighborhood Post
    Boynton Beach

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    Ralph & Rosie’s Restaurant and Lounge

    2007 S. Federal Highway,
    Boynton Beach

    Note: Post staffers will anonymously visit a restaurant in your neighborhood each week in search of the best menu item. They’ll tell you about that item and why they liked it in this spot each week.

    Our biggest challenge when visiting Ralph & Rosie’s Restaurant and Lounge wasn’t what to order from the surprisingly long menu, but where to park when we arrived.

    When my wife and I and a friend visited on a recent Friday night, the lounge part of the restaurant was filled with folks waiting for the band to begin for the evening. So we decided to sit outside at one of the few tables left available.

    I tried not to think about the cars on U.S. 1 whizzing by my back just a couple of feet away while I perused the extensive menu. Pasta, beef, seafood, pizza, veal, chicken – Ralph and Rosie seemed to have a little bit of everything.

    We decided to start with a dolphin fingers appetizer ($8.75), which our young waitress said was an excellent choice. We also ordered a vegetarian white Venetian pizza ($15), house garden salad ($2.95), queen size prime rib ($16.35) and broiled scallops ($15.95).

    We spent the next 20 minutes or so trying to figure out whether our waitress Flavia’s accent was Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, or what. Finally, when she returned to fill our drinks, I asked. Brazilian, she said kindly. Our job applications for the United Nations are all on hold now.

    The wait for our meals was a little long, but considering the crowd that night, it wasn’t too bad. We kept ourselves occupied with some of the tastiest fish fingers I’d ever eaten.

    When our meals did arrive, the only surprise was that our friend’s pizza had red sauce and pepperoni on it instead of white sauce and vegetables. It was soon exchanged for the correct pizza. My prime rib was cooked more like medium well than medium rare, but it was surprisingly good, despite the fact that I would never order it that well done. The scallops were great, too, but, oh, those dolphin fingers!

  11. MOLLY says...

    Too bad this joint closed.
    It had great food and a great crowd who loved oldies nusic.
    I went there several times and always had a great time.
    I especially enjoyed Joey Dale & The Gigolos. They did some great covers of The Duprees and other Legends.

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