Farraddays’ Steakhouse (Pompano Beach)

Posted on April 27th, 2008 · American Pompano Beach Seafood


     Farraddays’ Steakhouse, 1800 Southwest Street, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069, (954) 972-2000.

Farraddays’ is an “upsacale steakhouse” located in the Isle of Capri Casino. I ate there last night and the $40+ steaks, $10+ salads, $9 side dishes etc.  weren’t worth the money. The food/service wasn’t bad, but were far from great. When a joint advertises/prices itself as being top-notch,  you should get terrific stuff all around. 

This joint is open for dinner Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On a  final note, the Isle which has slots, poker and trotter-racing is a very well run operation.  In addition to Farraddays’, the Isle also has an Italian restaurant, Bragozzo…a deli named Myron’s and a buffet called Island Buffet. A cursoy look at these joints’ menus, indicated “specials” and more reasonable price points.

Just so we are clear, Farraddays’ isn’t a bad joint. It is just a very overpriced restaurant for what you get… if its menu was cut by 30% price-wise, I would be a frequent diner.


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  1. Lana Fine says...

    Saturday evening I stopped by Farraddays to admire your fabulous restaurant and lounge. I realized at that moment that I have the ultimate entertainer for your establishment, Mr. Ron Lan’Gel, with the legendary sounds of FRANK SINATRA and all the other Greats that made Las Vegas what it is today. Together,Farraddays and Ron Lan’Gel would be the perfect match. He is simply unforgettable.

    Please contact me at 786-768-1142. Thank you.

    Lana Fine

  2. Reg Watkins says...

    Went to Farraddays as a group of 14. When they charge what they do they certainly should have the staff to serve you. They didn’t. No matter what wine we ordered they were ‘out’. We finally got to a point of asking what did they have. The service was horrible, the food rated no more than a 5 on a scale of 10. Never again.

  3. JeffEats says...

    Reg Watkins: Just had a chance to read your post.
    As you can see from my review, it doesn’t have ***** next to the restaurant’s name, which means that I couldn’t in good concious recommend it.

    Thanks for reading…

  4. Valerie Crawford-Meyer says...

    Jeff, read your reviews before I went and I’m not sure where you ate, but I enjoyed my meal at Farraddays’. As an “upscale” dinning facility, you should expect to pay for what you get; what I got was ambiance, good service (Alicia was my server), great meal and I paid $65 without the gratuity being added like another Miami casino(SW8th street)dining establishment. For my money, I got great appetizers, a good meal and a chocolate martini. Each person has a different experience which, in part, can be based on who we are and the attitude we portray to others. For diners, try it for yourself and remember-you can’t really judge something based on the experience of others.

    • Istvan Van Maercke says...

      Yesterday, ate in Farradday’s and the food was good. Not superb but it is among the best i ate in the two weeks in Florida. As an european cook i can say that you guys have still a lot of catching up to do on culinary scale, generally speaking. Base youre experience not on others but go there yourselves and find out. Bitching is easy, try making it yourselves and you will see the light! Thanks for the great filet mignon and the bisque of lobster. Will definitely remember this experience.

  5. eds says...

    food is ok but not great.

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