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Frank and Patties (Sunrise)

Posted on April 5th, 2008 · American Desserts Fast Food Sunrise

*****  Frank and Patties, 3800 North University Drive, Sunrise, Florida (954) 749-2424

This afternoon I had lunch at a terrific new 1950’s retro looking fast-food joint, Frank and Patties  located in Sunrise. The menu is real simple…FRANKS-BURGERS-SALADS-CHICKEN BREASTS-MALTS…Frank and Patties  also has other stuff like fries, onion rings, fried pickle chips, chili…

The food is delicous. Think of your favorite sports-bar’s food and I’ll bet you, that this joint’s food is better. The franks (Hebrew National) are served on either a steamy poppy-seed or wheat bun. The burgers can be housed in either a white or wheat bun or a grilled sour dough roll, same goes for the grilled chicken breast. The fries are fresh-hand cut and the onion rings are as big as your fist.  There are 13 different flavored malts. I “sampled” a chocolate one and a peanut butter one and a snickerdoodle one.

Just so we are clear on one thing, Frank and Patties ain’t a DOLLAR MENU JOINT…Figure on spending about $7-10 a head for a meal that you won’t be able to finish.

Frank and Patties has been open about a week and a Sun Sentinel food critic already gave it a great review…so I can’t claim to be Amerigo Vespucci on this one. Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week…this is a real good joint to know about if you live or in the Oakland Park-University area.

4 Comments to “Frank and Patties (Sunrise)”

  1. Jim says...

    Hey jeffeats!!! You ever hear of Charm City Burger Company in Deerfield Beach? Check it out. Great burgers and fires.

  2. JeffEats says...

    Jim: Just read your post. Hadn’t heard of this joint until you mentioned it. I checked out its website and it looks like my kind of a burger joint. Will check it out and report back. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Randi says...

    Is this place in the old Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger location?

  4. sherry says...

    My office is behind this cute looking spot, so finally today I tried it out. I was in the mood for chili for $5.29 you can get a small cup with a few onions and a tiny bit of cheese. When I mentioned that this was the most expensive chili I was immediately give another cup at no charge. OK that seemed nice, but the chili is so salty I can not eat it, and there are no beans? It most likely came out of a can and heated. Back in my office I had no choice but to toss it.

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