Gianni’s Italian Restaurant (Pompano Beach)

Posted on March 25th, 2008 · Italian Pompano Beach

*****  Gianni’s Italian Restaurant, 1601 East Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060 (954) 942-1733.

I have been stuffing my face at Gianni’s for years. I don’t know how long this Southern Italian Joint has been in business, but my best guess is 20-25 years.

Real simple review…

Gianni’s is an absolutely terrific Italian restaurant. The food is delicious. The service is as friendly and as competent as can be. The prices are no more expensive than your favorite neighborhood “mom & pop” red sauce joint. Just so you know, Giann’s “enormous” garlic rolls are off-the-chart and worth the price of admission alone.

Gianni’s is open for lunch and dinner. If I were you, I would make a reservation, as the joint is always packed in the evenings.

Gianni’s is one of my favorite South Florida Italian Restaurants. Don’t miss this one.

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  1. based on this glowing recommendation my wife, sister and brother-in-law made a reservation for dinner this past saturday night. got there. place was totally filled but our 8:15 reservation was honored right on time. service excellent. sorry, but the food is just average. nothing bad, but nothing really great.just thought you’d like to know.

  2. Johnnie C. says...

    Food B
    Service B

  3. ss (boca raton) says...

    first time at gianni’s last night. one of the best veal marsalas that i have ever eaten. you could cut the veal with a fork it was that tender. amazing softball sized garlic rolls. the place was packed by a saturday 8pm reservation was honored right on time. gianni the owner came by the table three times to check on us. one other thing i have never seen so many italians in one place except on the sopranos tv series. everyone at least looked italian. good enough for those folks who am i to quibble.
    really loved gianni’s

  4. Mike B. says...

    Food A-
    Service B+

  5. jh says...

    outrageously good food.

  6. mark p. says...

    consistently good.

    • olo says...

      i agree, consistently good.

  7. SATE says...

    Dinner last night. Had an 8pn reservation yet we werent seated to 8:45. Food was as good as ever with the garlic rolls being fabulous.

  8. Food Coach says...

    Giannis is a Pompano Beach landmark restaurant!! Coming up on thirty years!!!! Great food and service!!!! From the garlic rolls( best in Florida) to there salad with the house garlic dressing with cheese, nothing but the best. There best dishes are the chicken pram, mussels marinara, ossa bucco, and any veal dish. Don’t decide on your entree until you’ve heard the specials. Some of the best value and food for lunch also. On Friday and Saturdays nights,you’d better have reservations,cause your going to have a wait. But the best food is worth waiting for!!!!! Have a glass of wine and enjoy the night!!!!:-)

  9. Ronnie T says...

    Definitely one of the best in S Fl.
    Been eating there for years and they have always pleased.

  10. Lolly says...

    One of my all time favorites. Never disappoints. They make great huge garlic rolls.

  11. Sacks says...

    Have eaten here 10s of times and it has never let me down.
    Love their garlic knots and wedge salad.
    Terrific veal parm.
    Every thing is always just right.

  12. StrangeJoe says...

    Terrific food and service.

  13. Larryfine2 says...

    Always good.

  14. Joe N says...

    Best garlic rolls.
    Delicious house salad.
    I thought my veal parm was ok but nothing great. Same on my gf’s chicken scarp.
    Good service.
    Reasonable prices.

  15. Don G says...

    Gianni’s makes fabulous garlic rolls. I can’t think of anyone that does them better. Their house salad that comes with the entrees is also fabulous. Nobody serves a salad that good.
    The entrees are very good but the rolls and salad are something very special.
    They have a great staff and their prices are very reasonable.
    My wife and I have been eating there for over 20 years and have always enjoyed ourselves.
    They also take reservations and get you in on time.

    • KSR says...

      Always jammed.
      Garlic rolls and salad delicious.
      Entrees good but nothing to go crazy over.
      Good prices.
      Excellent service.
      A whole better than the usual red sauce joints.

  16. Jerry R says...

    Great garlic rolls.
    Great salad.
    Entrees are good but not great.
    Reasonable prices.
    Terrific wait staff.

  17. Joyce & Michael says...

    We had takeout twice for lunch. Too much garlic in the salad dressing, garlic rolls and entrees. You will be burping garlic forever. BEWARE!

  18. Marty G. says...

    Been eating there for years.
    Love their veal francaise.
    Great garlic rolls and marvelous salad.

  19. SidRidesABike says...

    Can’t beat their garlic rolls and salad.
    Entrees are fair.
    Excellent service.

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