Dominic’s II (Boca Raton)

Posted on March 12th, 2008 · Boca Raton Italian Pizza


*****¬† Dominic’s II, 9834 West Glades Road, Boca Raton Florida (561) 487-6325

Dominic’s is a “small” Southern Italian Chain…it currently has 4 locations in South Florida.

You guys all know the drill…soup or salad, garlic rolls, main dish with a pasta side-$14.99!

I have been eating at Dominic’s II for years. Vito, the partner who¬†manages this location really knows how to run this joint and I have never had a bad meal. The food is Real good!. Rather than naming names, let’s just say that Dominic’s is much better than most of the small chains and “mom & pop” red sauce joints that dot the landscape.

Just so you know, in addition to Dominc’s II, there is Dominc’s I also in Boca Raton, Dominic’s III in Lake Worth and Dominic’s in Boynton Beach. I have eaten in all 4 locations and they are pretty much the same, service-quality wise.

Real good food. Good service. Good prices.

Give this “small chain” a shot, I think that you will enjoy it. All Locations are open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week.

12 Comments to “Dominic’s II (Boca Raton)”

  1. nino’s is the best in boca, but dominic’s 11 is a close challenger

  2. Mike B. says...

    Food B+
    Service A

  3. steven says...

    tried dominics 3, got sfd coupon. the claim & spagetti in white sauce was just garlic and oil,had no taste,they had a doz claims but also had no clam taste. Jeff. where is there a restaurant that makes this dish with white wine and clam juice to give it a seafood clam flavor without all that oil, it was to pasty for me.???
    at 17.50 this dish did not cut it for me.

  4. Rhoda says...

    The food and service are very good.

  5. lynda says...

    terrific ny style pizza

  6. Rrc says...

    One of the best red sauce joints.

  7. Eddie says...

    Love the pizza at the original Dominic’s on glades by the turnpike.

  8. Kramer2321 says...

    Good solid restaurant.
    Like Jeff said, good not great.

  9. CROWNMAN says...

    D-2 is excellent.
    Eat there at least twice a month.

  10. My wife and I are new to the area. Last night we at Dominic’s I and the food was delicious. We had veal parm and chicken marsala and the dishes were definitely two of the best we’ve had in a long time. Terrific service.

  11. Karen Younge says...

    Dominc’s 1 in Boca Raton by the Turnpike is the best of the chain.

    Food and service are terrific.

  12. Larry S says...

    I love #1.
    Been eating there for years.

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