John G’s (Lake Worth)

Posted on February 25th, 2008 · American Breakfast Lake Worth

*****  John G’s–10 South Ocean Boulevard, Lake Worth, Florida 33460–(561) 585-9860

On February 15th 2008 I wrote up  Dune Deck Cafe. Do me a favor and read that writeup and where/when ever I mention Dune Deck Cafe (for this current writeup) substitute John G’s. You now have John G’s review.

John G’s is one of the best joints in all of South Florida to have a casual breakfast/lunch with the Atlantic Ocean as background scenery. The food is great. The service is great.

By the way, it is a toss-up between John G’s and Dune Deck as to which one is better. In any event, both are terrific that’s why there are always long lines waiting to get in.

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  1. mike k. says...

    jeff: Between the two joints I like John G’s a drop better. But you are right both are really great.

  2. Harvey says...

    Hey jeffeats!! You ever hear of Benny’s On The Beach? It is located right by John G’s and is good as the Dune Deck and John G’s. In addition unlike the other two, Benny’s is open for dinner.

  3. JeffEats says...

    Harvey: You hit the trifecta. John G’s, Dune Deck, Benny’s On The Beach they are all winners for breakfast-lunch and Benny’s also does dinner.
    For those who don’t know where Benny’s is located…10 Ocean Avenue, Lake Worth, Florida 33467…(561) 582-9001.

    • Jon says...

      From: Jon Greenberg
      Subject: Benny’s

      Message Body:
      Hi Jeff,

      Benny’s on the beach in Lake Worth has been there for about 25 years. Located
      right on the pier has delicious food and beautiful view. What else could you ask
      for. Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      Check it out. It’s a Jeffeats kind of place! You’ll love it!!

  4. Richard says...

    All winners, guys! I like John G’s myself, but they are all very good. And for the best seafood dinner on the beach, go to my favorite for the past 35+ years in Ft. Lauderdale before they force him to sell–the Sea Watch. The plan:

    Get there in time to go upstairs, order from the raw bar, get a bottle of wine, and sit outside. Choose a night when the moon is full and I guarantee you that your date will be, well, grateful… . When you check in, ask for the porch for dinner, wait for it, and order whatever you want on the menu–good conch chowder (ask for the sherry with it, of course) stick with fresh fish or that amazing crab dish if you like crab–and if you have a group, ask for the “speical dessert” and get ready to have some fun!

  5. chewy says...

    great place but urban renewal forced it to close the other day. it is going to reopen in a shopping center right over on eastside of lake worth bridge in a couple of months.

  6. GOODFELLA says...

    Leave it to the government to ruin a great business.
    John G’s has been an institution for over 35 years.
    I know exactly where it is going to relocate to.
    No matter how terrific it looks the new location can and will not ever have the beach ambiance that made the original store a landmark and one of the most popular restaurants going.
    In addition the new spot is right across the road from the Dune Deck which is on the beach. They are very similar so I think many people who use to go to John G’s will now start to go to Dune Deck.
    Leave it to big government to kill the small business owner.

  7. MK says...

    tried the new location.
    not being on the beach definitely hurt this one.
    its not as good as the original.

    • poppy says...

      mk, right you are. john g’s isnt like it use to be since the move.

  8. Dave says...

    From: Dave
    Subject: John G’s(from LW Casino)

    Message Body:
    Is it time to visit John G’s in their new location Manalpan?

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