Granger’s Bar & Grill (Delray Beach)

Posted on February 9th, 2008 · American Delray Beach


*****  Granger’s Bar & Grill, 215 NE 6th Avenue, Delray Beach Florida (561) 276-7881

Granger’s is a 38 seat bar-grill located on Federal Highway. The joint has something like 10 seats at the bar and  a handful of booths and tables…one waitress-one busgirl-3 in the kitchen and that’s the whole shooting match. By the way, the waitress and busgirl are also the bartenders. The bathrooms are out-houses in the parking lot.

Granger’s food is absolutely great. Appetizers, burgers, salads, main dishes everything is delicious. How that little kitchen bangs out so much delicious food is beyond me, but in the 30-40 times that I have eaten at Granger’s everything was right on the money.

I am telling you, that this little joint is a MUST for you. Wear tee shirt/shorts so you don’t look stupid. The joint is open Monday-Saturday for lunch and dinner. The prices are also dirt cheap and if you are there on a Saturday Night you have to try the brick of meatloaf that is one of this joint’s specialities.

From the outside, Granger’s looks like a D U M P. Try it, you will love it.

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  1. Terry F. says...

    We met outside the Festival Flea Market on Saturday. I had asked for directions to Delray Beach and you recommended Grangers for lunch. We simply loved the food and the place. Appetizers, salads, burgers were all excellent. Thanks again. Not a place I would have picked on my own, but I will go back.

  2. delray_diva says...

    Correction to Jeff’s post:

    Since Granger’s former life was as a Gas Station, the restrooms are accessed by going out the back door where there are 2 bathrooms THEY ARE NOT OUTHOUSES.

    We have been eating at Granger’s for about 15 years. The food (burgers, sandwiches, huge fresh salads) can’t be beat. The food is as fresh as can be and The price is RIGHT.

    As a matter of fact, we are eating there tonight.

  3. Steve says...

    I have been eating at Granger’s for many years (15+). My wife had a short stay in the Hospital (5 days) all she wanted was a Grilled Chicken Cesar Salad Sandwich the day she got out. When someone ask what is good I tell them everything that come out of the kitchen is EXCELLENT. I have never had an issue with any they serve. The staff is great and the owner is a true business man that know how to cook. The prices are very good.

  4. chewy says...

    try this one, it is terrific.

  5. Outgrow says...

    Amazing hole in the wall. Great burgers and salads.

  6. 1212AD says...

    Can’t beat this joint, great food.

  7. Elaine says...

    This is one of your best finds.
    Great food and very fair prices.
    A real hole in the wall gem.

  8. jasd says...

    love granger’s. small amt of seating. the food is always good.

  9. Zekejones says...

    Fabulous food.
    Thanks for finding this one for us.

  10. Red Fog says...

    A real winner.
    Food and service are great.

  11. Liz Kramer says...

    Love this place. Would never have found it without Jeff Ears.

  12. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    One of your best calls.
    Food is awesome as is the service.
    Prices are just right.

  13. To all that haven’t eat here,
    Go, you will love the food!

  14. Jeff G says...

    Never would have walked into this joint without you.
    Loved this place.
    The food and service were amazing.

  15. lo lo says...

    Great cheeseburger, ff and wings.
    A hidden hole in the wall gem.

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