The Hot Rod Show: A Tribute To Rod Stewart

Posted on February 8th, 2008 · Music/Events/Other


*****  The Hot Rod Show: A Tribute To Rod Stewart

If you don’t like Rod Stewart, then just skip this writeup.

There is a guy by the name of George Orr who lives in South Florida. He looks just like Rod Stewart and more amazingly sounds/sings just like Rod Stewart. For years, he has been making a very good living performing a Rod Stewart Tribute Show at various South Florida bars/pubs, private parties and  out-of-state joints. In the past 6 months I have caught his act twice at John L. Sullivan’s Pub & Sports Bar in Lighthouse Point, Florida and I have to tell you that the guy is absolutely fantastic. Just so you know, that when he works at John L. Sullivan’s the show is absolutely FREE and there is absolutely no pressure to eat or drink. The two times that I saw him, my party of 4 had salads, burgers, chicken wings and desserts that were all modestly priced and very good. This guy Orr was literally on for hours and the crowd both times out went absolutely nuts for him.

Do yourself a favor and go to his site at and check this guy out. A full schedule of appearances is listed. To give you some idea of the type of joints that he “works” recent appearances include, The Field Irish Pub & Restaurant (Dania), Paulo’s 3’s Company Restaurant & Pub (Dania Beach), The Emerald Pub (Hollywood) and  The Wishing Well Pub (Boca Raton). Like I said before, John L. Sullivan’s lets you watch the show all night for “free.” As for the policies of the other joints, you got me there.

This guy George Orr is terrific. I am telling you, that he is an absolute must see. I had an absolute blast eating/drinking and watching his show at John L. Sullivan’s.

8 Comments to “The Hot Rod Show: A Tribute To Rod Stewart”

  1. T.L. Boca Raton says...

    Followed your column and saw Orr at John L. Sullivan’s a few days ago. Food was just fine and the show was fun. Great evening.

  2. A.F. Boca Raton says...

    Right on the money!!!Caught this show twice at John L Sullivan’s and this guy is terrific. Sings like Rod Stewart. Looks like Rod Stewart. Also funnier than hell.

  3. john pastore says...

    george is good but rick st james is the best in the area.

  4. Mike Rappaport says...

    I saw Rick St. James at the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton last night. He is terrific. You’d swear Rod stewart was in the house.
    I have also seen George. Don’t get me wrong, he is good, but not as good as Rick St. James. I think the difference is that Rick actually ‘becomes’ Rod when he hits the stage while George stays George and plays the comediene Rod when he gets on.
    Big difference in style between the two performers.

  5. KSR says...

    Great SunSentinel article on Orr this morning.
    Catch his show. He is very entertaining.

  6. HeyTiger says...

    This guy puts on a great show.

  7. Mr. Clown says...

    George is fun and puts on a good show. Sort of like a tipsy drunk Rod Stewart.

  8. Don Carson says...

    Love George.
    He puts on a really fun show.

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