JeffEats Is BACK

Posted on January 23rd, 2008 · Music/Events/Other

Unlike Al Gore, I didn’t invent the internet. Actually, I have absolutely no idea how the damn thing works. Do you? I didn’t think so. That said,  after many conversations, e-mails and letters, the “guys” who virtually erased an entire site, now have it “back up.” Just so you know, on the day JeffEats went down, there were over 300 restaurant reviews posted. The geniuses who built-run t

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  1. Audrey says...

    Hi Jeff,

    We are 2 Manhattanites who are going to be spending the month of Feb. in Delray Beach….we’ve visited before and have always found the food “lacking”. Your site is very refreshing…honest reviews!!
    Sorry about the crash…guess that’s why we couldn’t access the archives.
    We have our shorts and sneakers ready and are hoping you could help us with some of your favorite DESTINATION joints…anything ethnic, a really good seafood/fish place, and your favorite restaurant of any kind.
    Our stomachs will thank you for any help.
    Ciao Stan & Audrey
    P.S. Anything from NYC that you have a craving for…let us know.

  2. JeffEats says...

    Stan & Audrey…Let me give you a brief list of joints, that should keep you well fed during your February, 2008 visit.

    1. Granger’s…is a small 38 seat joint. Great burgers, salads and the usual comfort foods. This Delray joint, is strictly for the tee shirt/shorts crowd, but you will find that everyone eats there. Cheap-moderate.

    2. Phyllis G’s…Phyllis is the ex-Mrs. Grangers. This Boynton Beach joint is an expanded version of Granger’s. Real casual. Absolutely great food. Cheap-moderate.

    3. The Station House…You asked for a great seafood/fish joint, well this one in Lantana is about as good as it gets. Tee shirt/shorts are the dress of the day. Moderate prices.

    4. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza…This is a small chain down here in South Florida with about 7 units. One just opened in Delray Beach on Federal Highway. Superb pizza-roasted chicken wings and salads. Moderate prices.

    5. Matteo’s Italian Restauarnt…This joint has 2 locations. The closest one is in Boca Raton. Superb food. Moderate-high prices.

    6. Ben’s Kosher Deli…This chain out of NY has a location in Boca Raton. Moderate prices.

    7. Mississippi Sweets…If bbq ribs-chicken are your game. This Boca Raton joint is the place to go. Cheap-moderate prices.

    8. If bagels/bialys are your game…Bagel City South…Bagel Works…Way Beyond Bagels…Bagels And…located in Boca Raton/Delray Beach area should keep you stuffed.

    9.If you are looking for neighborhood ITALIAN RED SAUCE ITALIAN/PIZZA JOINTS…Nino’s (Boca Raton not the one in Delray Beach)…Dominick’s I or II both in Boca Raton are excellent…Stay away from Rotelli’s as it serves junk.

    10.China Dumpling…This neighborhood Boynton Beach Chinese joint is about as close to eating in NYC’s Chinatown as you will find down here. Cheap-moderate prices


  3. Audrey says...

    Ciao Jeff,

    Grazie mille, siete molto gentili !!

    This list will be most helpful as we’ve never been to these places with the “folks”….
    Hope we are not being pushy New Yorkers (but we’re sure you’ll understand, as you are/were one)….how about Greek, Mexican, and Cuban ?? Actually, we will be celebrating an anniversary and 2 birthdays – where would you suggest – Stan’s willing to wear LONG pants with deep pockets, if necessary.

    Thanks again.
    Stan & Audrey

  4. JeffEats says...

    Audrey…If you look at the “Other” category, you will find a few joints that may help you out. As for a Greek joint, there is one located on A1A and Oakland Park Blvd that is absolutely fabulous. For right now the name slips my mind.


  5. Larry says...

    Welcome back Jeff. I have enjoyed your reviews and am glad you’re back. There may be a way for you to recover your “lost” reviews (you don’t keep a backup???). Go to and put your web address into their “Wayback Machine” and it will return a list of dates where they have archived a copy of your site as it appeared on that day. Then you just have to cut & paste. I hope this works for you.

  6. JeffEats says...

    Larry: Thanks for the info on… have been using that site to try and reconstruct jeffeats but all of the writeups aren’t there. Thanks.

  7. Larry says...

    Jeff, Is there an email address you can be contacted at?

  8. JeffEats says...

    Larry: You can use this website to contact jeffeats. Jeffeats has the ability to monitor any e-mail, so if you would like your correspondence to be “private” rest assured that it will not be published on this site. Write-away. Looking forward to hearing from you.