Hunan Gardens (Delray Beach)

Posted on December 14th, 2007 · Chinese Delray Beach

***** Hunan Gardens
4900 Linton Boulevard
Delray Beach, Florida 33445
(561) 498-1898

Let me start by saying…HUNAN GARDENS IS A GOOD NEIGHBORHOOD CHINESE RESTAURANT…The operative word in the last sentence is, NEIGHBORHOOD, capisce?

Over the years I must have eaten in this joint at least 20 times. I can’t remember a time, when Hunan Gardens failed to pass my circa 1957 Brooklyn Jewish American Chinese Taste Test of – wonton soup-egg rolls-spare ribs-pan fried dumplings-roast pork fried rice-sweet and sour chicken-pistachio ice cream!

Gourmet stuff? I don’t think soooo! This is a good NEIGHBORHOOD Chinese joint to know about. For those who live in the Delray Beach area, Hunan Gardens is located in the “middle” of a strip shopping center located at the southeast corner of the Linton Boulevard/Military Trail intersection.

Hunan Gardens is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. By the way, this joint is owned/run by super-nice people.

21 Comments to “Hunan Gardens (Delray Beach)”

  1. Sid L Turner says...

    I have been eating there for years. The food is always good.

  2. GS says...

    Ok food.
    Nice owner.

  3. Rick Massaria says...

    I have been eating here for years.
    The food is consistently good.
    Lovely lady owns the place.
    This is a good one.

  4. Annie and Hal says...

    Tried just about every Chinese restaurant around and this is by far the best…..tastes just like New York’s best….friendly staff, great owner and consistently good.

  5. Lenny Robinson says...

    Good food. Very small portions.

  6. Zed says...

    Very good Chinese food.

  7. Cliff says...

    Hunan is a dynamite neighborhood restaurant. It reminds me of Joy Fong on Ave. J in Brooklyn. The line is always long. The food is consistently good. The best spare ribs Fl.
    Helen, The owner and Frank, her right hand man are friendly and efficient.
    If you miss Brooklyn, give Hunan Gardens a shot-You will not be disappointed.

  8. Victor R says...

    Ate there Christmas Eve with 5 others. First time for all 6 of us..Food was very good. Except, They ran out of spare ribs and gave us boneless ribs instead which were tough, and tasted like shit.

  9. Dan Munk says...

    First time eating there, ok but nothing to write home about.

  10. Warren B says...

    I am originally from The Bronx.
    Hunan makes very good Jewish American Chinese Food.

  11. Marvin Rosen says...

    This restaurant has been around for years.
    It definitely will remind your readers of the neighborhood Chinese restaurants that were in the 5 Boros in the 50s and 60s.
    My family has been eating there for years and we never had a bad meal.

  12. Ted Boudin says...

    New to the area.
    Tried it tonight, ribs, wonton soup, egg roll, roast pork fried rice, sweet and sour pork, pistachio ice cream.
    Everything was very good except the ribs which had a decent tasting sauce which was obviously brushed on the finished ribs just before being brought to the table. The sauce should have been applied while the ribs were being baked onto the ribs.

  13. Anna Klein says...

    The joint reminds me of the Brooklyn Chinese joints I grew up on during the 1960s. Same look, food, service etc.

    First time eating there and the food was really good.

    Like i said before, reminds me of my Brooklyn days.

  14. Last night was our first time eating there.
    We were in a group of 8 for Christmas outing.
    Food was really good.
    Place looks, smells and food reminded us of the Chinese restaurants we ate at in Queens in the 60s-70s.

  15. Lou G says...

    Born and raised in Brooklyn. Lived there for 71 years. Moved to Delray Beach, 9 months ago. Tried Hunan last night and its as close to the Brooklyn Chinese joints that Brooklyn had way back when all the way to today. Same decor, too!

    Really enjoyed the food.

  16. Henry Kaljsh says...

    This is a throwback to the type of Chinese restaurants that the 5 Boros in the 40s-70s literally had on every corner. Food is delicious.

  17. Joan Cohen says...

    Love its food.

  18. Rob Wein says...

    Love its food,
    It’s Brooklyn in the 50’s all over again.

  19. Louise Stein says...

    I love its food.
    The joint is always jammed.
    Big portions, priced right.

  20. Rose Goldhaber says...

    My family and I recently relocated to Delray Beach from Quebec.
    Last night was our first time eating at Hunan Gardens and we loved the food.

  21. Jeff, This is as close to being a Brooklyn Jewish American Chinese Restaurant that my husband and I loved as kids and as a young married couple in the 1950-1980.
    Love this joint!!!!

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