Cypress Nook Restaurant (Pompano Beach)

Posted on May 23rd, 2007 · American Breakfast Pompano Beach

***** Cypress Nook Restaurant
201 East McNab Road
Pompano Beach, Florida 33060
(954) 781-3464

This joint’s name says it all. NOOK: “A hidden or secluded spot.” NOOK: “A small corner, alcove or recess.” Personally, I call joints like Cypress Nook Restaurant “holes in the wall,” but it’s too early in the day, for us to be discussing “semantics.”

Cypress Nook is a great breakfast-joint. If you are in the mood for some eggs, pancakes etc., this is a terrific place to know about. Please keep in mind, that since this joint is a “hole in the wall” (or “nook”), it has extremely limited seating and is usually packed.

Cypress Nook is open Monday-Friday 7am-2pm and Saturday-Sunday 7am-1pm. Like I said before, breakfast is this joint’s specialty, but you can get burgers and other stuff.

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