Georgia Pig Barbeque & Restaurant (Fort Lauderdale)

Posted on March 2nd, 2007 · American BBQ Breakfast Fort Lauderdale


***** Georgia Pig Barbeque & Restaurant
1285 Southwest 40th Road (SR 7)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33317
(954) 587-4420

Last year, I “gave” you Betty’s Soul Food Restaurant (12/25/06) and Tom’s Place (12/26/06) as SOUTHERN SOUL FOOD-BBQ JOINTS that you might like to visit. Here’s another joint in the same category, Georgia Pig.

Georgia Pig has been around since 1953. I seriously doubt, that the exterior-interior decor of this joint has changed one iota since it first opened. This joint seats 40 and is as informal as it gets. To be perfectly honest with you, if you re-read Betty’s write-up, you will know exactly what Georgia Pig is all about. the two joints are very-very similar.

Georgia Pig like Betty’s, is open Monday-Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you “feel” like doing some more “re-reading,” after Betty’s writeup, read the one that I did on Tom’s Place. In Tom’s writeup, I said that both joints were worth trying, but that a comparison of the two, would have Betty’s as “Yale” and Tom’s as “Staten Island Community College.” Just so you know, Georgia Pig would be the University of Wisconsin. Now that I have you “totally” nuts and worrying about the SATs…

Just a heads-up, Betty’s and Georgia Pig are “real” SOUTHERN SOUL FOOD- BBQ JOINTS. Tom’s to put it “politely,” is more of a “commercial” SOUTHERN FOOD-BBQ JOINT. You decide where you want to be educated.

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  1. Richard says...

    Sorry, Jeff. I’m went to school in NC and this place is so bad it should be closed. Soon. The food is simply awful. You want Q, go to Allen & Sons in Chapel Hill. Everything else is just pretend. Tom’s was OK when it was open on Dixie in Boca as a take-out shack, and Tom Jr. did OK with ribs in his shack on Dixie in Delray for a while until he moved and got robbed. Tom Jenkins in Ft. Lauderdale is good. That’s about it for Q in FL.

    • gotrocs says...

      I’m went to school? I have been going to the Georgia Pig for over 40 years and have always found it to be consistantly good. Don’t really see how they could stay in business for almost 60 years if it was as bad as you say. Your review is as bad as your grammer.

  2. steve says...

    Georgia pig is still good old school BBQ . I only go their to eat Brunswick stew which is great

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