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Posted on January 19th, 2007 · Stocks

***** CKX Inc.

Let me start by saying, that I am absolutely “hooked” on American Idol. Now this going to sound “really”scary,” but I haven’t missed one single show since Idol first aired. Call me a “sicko,” I don’t care, THIS IS MY SHOW. That said, how Ruben ever beat Clay is beyond me. In addition, Taylor’s “gyrations” do absolutely “nothing” for me.

Anway, as many of you probably know, Idol’s “latest” season started this past Tuesday and based on the ratings that I saw, it appears that this tv show is as “popular” as ever.

CKX is a publiclly traded media company. It trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol CKXE and is currently $12.25 a share. CKX was “created” from a pennystock “shell” company a couple of years ago. Do some Due Diligence and you will find that CKX’s founder is a certifiable multi-millionaire, if not a billionaire, who in the past, created several major media companies. Apparently CKX is his latest “venture.”

CKX “owns” American Idol. CKX also owns almost “all” of Elvis. CKX also owns almost “all” of Muhammad Ali.

Like I said before, you have to do your own Due Diligence here. CKX’s stock may have a very “big” future ahead of it. Decide for yourself, if you want to own a piece of American Idol, Elvis and Ali.

One final “tidbit.” I own a black-velvet Elvis painting and have a collection of Ali “bobbleheads.” Just thought you might like to know all of the “facts.”

5 Comments to “CKX Inc.”

  1. i cr says...

    i love ellen but this schtick was so lame. everything about last night was lame. i really believe this whole thing is totally fixed and scripted from day one. almost makes me not wanna watch idol.

  2. ronny says...

    the stock closed today at 4.11
    not too good of a pick, you think

  3. NELLIE says...

    Looked at this one because of FXRE relationship.
    IDOL 2011 is key here.
    Took a roll with 2500 at $4.06.

  4. shatz says...

    Jeff, your original price point was way off.
    I just bought 5000 shares at $4.21. Based on a recent NY Post article I think that a buyout is coming. My best guest is $7-8 a share. Check that story out which appeared in early April.

  5. shatz says...

    company got bought out for 5.50 a share

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