Wilt Chamberlain’s (Boca Raton)

Posted on January 9th, 2007 · American Boca Raton

***** Wilt Chamberlain’s
8903 Glades Road
Boca Raton, Florida 33442
(561) 488-8881

Let me start by saying, that if you are “with” children ages 3-10, Wilt Chamberlain’s is a great place to have lunch or dinner. If not, be smart and stay away from this joint.

Wilt Chamberlain’s is a sports bar-restaurant-video arcade. It first opened for business in December, 1990 and if I have my facts correct, is now into its fourth owner.

Wilt’s has tv sets and memorabilia all over the place. Wilt’s has a large menu loaded with appetizers, salads, burgers, pizza, entrees and desserts. Wilt’s food is good and fairly priced. Wilt’s in addition to a dining area, has a handsome bar-room.

Now for the good and bad news, depending on who “you are.”

Wilt’s has a large video-game arcade. If you have children aged 3-10, Wilt’s is a great place to eat and play. If you don’t have children aged 3-10 with you, Wilt’s is a noisey-loud-hectic joint, that you don’t want to set foot in.

Just a quick “memo” to Wilt’s newest owner: The problem with Wilt’s from Day One, has always been the physical layout of the joint. You have a gorgeous dining room and bar-room. You have good food and good prices. The one draw back to your joint, is that the arcade is too close to that gorgeous dining room and bar-room. The noise level that is generated by “little kids” playing video-arcade-games is “annoying” beyond belief to any normal “childless” adult-diner. By the way, the reason why your “tables” don’t turn-quickly is because, many of the moms and dads sit at the tables/booths and allow their children to “play” in the arcade unsupervised. You “Mr. Owner” need to get those parents out of those booths and tables and into the arcade, so you can seat new “paying” customers.

Wilt’s gets a THUMBS UP for those with kids and a THUMBS DOWN for those without kids.

Wilt’s is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

One final thought. I seriously doubt that most of the kids who “play” at Wilt’s even know who Wilt Chamberlain was. Then again, the same thing probably goes for Michael Jordan.

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  1. bob says...

    out of business

  2. Jon says...

    I looked forward to reading your reviews as you claimed to be somewhat of an expert on food. So much for that notion! Nice try though!

  3. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your post.

    Notice, Wilt’s is out of business. Notice, who told Wilt’s owners why its tables weren’t turning fast enough.

    As for being an “expert”–I guess Jeff Eats will just have to live with just the 40,000 unique readers each month who visit the site, now that you’re gone.

    Thanks for reading…

  4. Karen hartman says...

    I just wanted to give you an employee’s perspective. Wilt Chamberlain’s was one of the best , if not the best sports bar in South Florida at its prime. I worked there from 1994-2000. At first, Wilt was still showing up and still had part ownership along with his investors. The food quality and portions were amazing. Head Sous Chef Bill Belamme ,of Max’s Grill & Zemme fame, created some of the best dishes anywhere. The menu featured everything from burgers to lamb. The desserts, especially the”Chocolate Turtle,” was to die for. The buffalo tenders were one of a kind & beat out Competors by a long shot. At the time Pete Rose had his “All Star Cafe ” a half mile away & Boca Ale Hose adjacent. He had a lot of family friendly dishes that in my opinion , to this day I haven’t tasted anything better. The food quality went south when new Greek owners bought in , circa 99 , but until then, between the celebrities , game room & birthday parties , not to mention the incredible menu, was by far the best ever.

    • jerry says...

      This was literally our “go-to”place during my childhood. I had a birthday there and every Saturday we were there. We are originally from Canada, but lived in South Florida for 5 years and Wilt’s is as nostalgic as it gets. The last time i was there must’ve been back in 2003 and I hadn’t been back to that area for some time. In 2012, we went to the restaurant, but it was closed and I was crushed. Not to sound corny, but that place was more than a restaurant, but also a piece of my childhood, the food was awesome along with that legendary arcade. Wings n’ribs/things franchises have closed all over Florida since I’ve been back in Canada. My brother was recently down there and they closed the last location in Hollywood beach – “Wings n’ Curls. I’m honestly not sure if there is a point in me returning to Florida at this juncture.

      PS: The fact that you worked there makes you a hero!

    • Angela says...

      I used to work at Wilts also and have told my kids of the famed chocolate waffle banana split, flourless chocolate turtle, sun-dried tomato pasta and best buffalo tenders I’ve ever had. I still order similar items hoping they will be as good but they never are. It’s no wonder I gained about 10 lbs the years that I worked there! I only found this forum bc I was searching for a copy cat recipe for a few of their menu items.

  5. jan says...

    Would someone please comment with the name of the bbq sauce they used to serve at wilt chamberlains????

    need it!

  6. Mark Laub says...

    You had Wilt’s exactly pegged, in that its physical layout didn’t allow for tables to be quickly turned. That’s the primary reason why Wilt’s closed.

  7. Andrew says...

    Does anyone have any old memorabilia from this restaurant?

  8. Bud says...

    There are some on Ebay. I have one of the big cocktail glasses for sale there.

  9. N/a says...

    I went to Wilts my whole life. The place was amazing and fully of so many memories with my family and friends. I feel like there was a decline in business and people eating there around 2004.

    Tender and ribs, birthdays, video games, sports. Wish there was more pictures of the restaurant online. Can’t find any.

  10. T says...

    Wilts was a family favorite. Glad his memory still is kept alive by many of you reading this.

  11. Guest says...

    Old commercial not sure what year but based on the game room going to get in the 1990’s

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