Silver Pond (Lauderdale Lakes)

Posted on December 13th, 2006 · Chinese Lauderdale Lakes


Silver Pond
4285 North State Road 7
Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 33319
(954) 486-8885

I got a “project” for you.

I want you to “Google” Silver Pond which is a Chinese Restaurant located in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. After you find some sites, read a handful of the “many-many” favorable reviews that this joint has gotten over the years. Please pay especially “close” attention, to the reviews that rate this as one of the best Chinese restaurants in South Florida and on “par” with restaurants in New York City’s Chinatown, blah, blah, blah. Then I want you to go and try this joint and report back to me, as to how you rate the food. End of project. By the way, Silver Pond is open every day for lunch and dinner, except on Tuesday.

Just so you know, I think that Silver Pond is one of the crappiest Chinese joints that I have ever eaten in. As for the numerous Chinese patrons who frequent this restaurant, they obviously don’t know #@$^ about what good Chinese food is all about.

Waiting to read the ” final results” of your project.

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  1. Sue and Bob says...

    We were at Silver pond in February 2008. The atmosphere is like Walmart, I’ll give you that, but found the food very good if not inspiring, unusual and delicate. Will make the trek from Boca at least a few times a year if not more. Silver Pond reminds more of Chinatown NYC/San Fran, whereas Uncle Tai’s is more typical American chinese but a far more pleasant way to finish the day with. (what’s your hands down favorite pizza in south florida, and also in Boca? )

  2. JeffEats says...

    Sue and Bob: In Boca Raton, Brooklyn Boys makes a great NY slice. Primanti Bros. on Oakland Park makes a great pizza. Red Rock in Boca Raton makes some great coal fired pies.

  3. AR says...

    Ate at Silver Pond this past Sunday night. The line was out the door at 5:30pm with people waiting for a table. The food is great. Just like the “joints” you find in NY Chinatown. Great pork dishes. Give it another try.

  4. bob says...

    Silver Pond is always packed. There is always a line to get in.
    This is the best Chinese food going.

  5. lr says...

    great restaurant.
    probably the best chinese in fla.
    give it another try.

    • Tommy Gun says...

      Your nuts. The food isn’t good.

  6. Fred says...

    Been eating there 20 years and never sent one dish back to the kitchen. This is an authentic Honk Kong style restaurant which serves many traditional Chinatown dishes. Jeff, give yourself a second chance and try a few suggestions as indicated below:

    Seafood Roll
    Crispy Hong Kong Chicken (or Duck, if you prefer)
    Special Silver Pond Lobster
    Steamed Sea Bass
    Satay Beef
    Roast Pork Chow Fun
    Singapore Rice Noodles (with or without Curry)
    Beef with Eggplant
    Salt and Pepper Squid
    Pan Fried Flounder
    Clams in Black Bean Sauce
    Black Pepper Chicken
    Shredded Duck with Vegetables
    Scallops with Oyster Sauce
    Sizzling Prawns with Garlic
    Yung Chow Fried Rice
    Eggplant and Garlic in Casserole
    Stir Fried Baby Bok Choy
    Shrimp in XO Sauce
    Peking Pork Chops

    You’re gonna love me for this.

  7. Jen says...

    Silver Pond is one of the best Chinese restaurants in South Florida. The only one better imho is Kon Chau. I read almost all of your chinese restaurant reviews and think you tend to prefer American style chinese which is why you may not enjoy this type.

  8. gs says...

    Outrageously good food. Give it another try.

  9. SBO says...

    This is the best Chinese restaurant in South Florida. Not your egg roll and fried rice crowd the food is Hong Kong Style. Anyone who doesn’t like it is not knowing what to expect when they walk in the door. If you know what it is then you will not be upset.

    • LK says...

      I found some of the chicken dishes to be lousy. Slimey pieces of almost raw chicken. This place isnt for me.

  10. Michael D says...

    Silver Pond is actually one of the best Hong Kong style Cantonese restaurants in South Florida. It is on par with NYC competitors and even San Francisco rivals. I won’t rank the service which CSN be spotty at times, but the quality is number one. If you have ever been to dinner in Hong Kong, you would appreciate this view.

  11. ELBER says...

    Jeff, by far and away the best chinese restaurant in florida. rivals the best of nyc chinatown.

    • neal j. says...

      correct, best chinese food.

  12. Jeff In Boca says...

    real and i do mean real chinese food. delicious stuff.

  13. CHARLES says...

    Best Chinese food in Florida – We eat there once a week – Travel from Deerfield Beach for this treat – Waiters are professional and helpful – Peking Duck is GREAT –

  14. Tony W says...

    Jeff, ate there tonight. We had roast pork fried rice, pan fried dumplings, sweet sour pork chops, spare ribs, general to’s chicken. Food was delicious.

  15. Laura A says...

    Sorry Jeff you are dead wrong about Silver Pond. This is probably the best Chinese restaurant in s fla.

  16. TPJ says...

    I think that you should try Silver Pond again.
    I eat there all the time and its food is the best around.
    This is the closest I’ve found to NYC China Town quality.

  17. Jeff Eats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Based on your comments and others here who loved the food, Jeff Eats in the very near future is going to give Silver Pond another try.

    I’ll update my original review, right after I eat there.

    Thanks for reading…

  18. Scott says...

    Best Chinese food I’ve had in Florida. I’m a Snowbird from NY and have access to the best. This restaurant’s food is equally delish!
    Try: Hot and Sour Soup
    Peking Duck
    Hong Kong Duck
    Clams in black bean sauce
    Lobster with ginger and scallion

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