Vivo Participacoes S.A.

Posted on January 23rd, 2006 · Stocks

***** Vivo Participacoes S.A.

Vivo Participacoes is not “some” Brazilian Steak joint in Miami.

If you do some DUE DILIGENCE you will find that VIVO is one of the largest cellular phone companies in Brazil. Its stock is traded on the NYSE under symbol VIV and is currently sitting around $3.53 a share. Your DUE DILIGENCE should also reveal, that VIVO was “created” a year or so ago, by the merger of a number of companies into one entity.

My, and I repeat the word “MY” due diligence, leads me to believe that VIV is ” c h e a p” at $3.53 a share. Just maybe, it takes a little time to get things running “right” after a major merger-consolidation.

Do your own homework.

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