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* Dueling Pizza Joints *

Posted on May 25th, 2013 · Delray Beach Fast Food Italian Pizza

* Dueling Pizza Joints *

Let me ask you guys something, does this make any sense to you?…

The brand new Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach…has TWO PIZZA JOINTS literally right across the street from one another…namely-the recently opened Terra Fiamma and the soon to open Bella Amici Pizzeria. Jeff Eats appreciates that Terra is a full service restaurant and that Bella is more of a self-serve/ type joint, but…

All I know, is that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to Jeff Eats to have these two businesses so close to each other…but then again, I got no “skin” in either deal– so how they make-out business wise is of no real concern to me.

In the coming weeks, Jeff Eats will have reviews on both joints for you.

By the way, if you beat Jeff Eats “there” give me your thoughts on them.

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  1. Fran D says...

    Nothing surprises me about this ill conceived out door mall. Insurance agents mixed in with S Beach type boutiques. Fancy candy stores and olive oil stores with 2 buck a cup yogurt guys.
    Amici is order at counter. The other is waiter service. They will fight over the same buck. Personally i like the Amici concept better.
    Friends ate at Terra and thought that it stunk.
    I plan on trying both and will let you know my take.

  2. RasinDay says...

    Two pizza joints.
    Burt Max’s got pizza so does the movie’s sports bar.
    How people agree to leases that don’t limit competition is beyond me.
    Delray Marketplace is a tough location and the landlord is no friend to these pizza businesses.

  3. GTA says...

    Very little about this shopping center makes any sense.
    The Terra one has something like 40% of its seating outside.
    Didnt they think of rain and heat.
    Just have to wait and see how Amici opens.

  4. Chris says...

    This “enterprise” is a bad joke.
    Aside from moronic planning
    (and a 30 per cent vacancy rate)
    there’s a chronic scarcity of
    Publix has had to post a
    tow warning and station a
    cop car in its lot.

  5. KSR says...

    Terra is owned by the same woman who use to own the now closed Cucina Mio in Boca.
    The food is fair at best.

    • Ilivelife says...

      You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind,,…give the new restaurant and their owners(who are small business people taking on all the risk) some respect until you try it.

      • KSR says...

        I tried it and it stunk.
        So there.

        • Blue and White says...

          Some people see the beauty of our world other seek hate and resentment; you are the latter….. Congratulations!

          • TAT says...

            Some people just call it like it is.

          • Pink says...

            No, some people always complain and are never happy. You are one of those people; go back to New York

          • SWIFTMAN says...

            Your NY crack tells me and everyone else that you are a freaking moron. You’re the miserable one here.
            Take care you loser.

          • TAT says...

            I caught that NY line as you did.
            This guy Pink is an obvious loser.
            Talks all rosy stuff and then shows a bias.
            Definitely a HUGE loser.

          • Orange says...

            Did Pink hit a nerve with you TAT and Swiftman? If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen… losers

          • JeffEats says...


            Just had a chance to read your comments.

            Just to level the playing field–since you and Pink seem to be very moral folks, that we tell TAT and Swiftman that Orange and Pink have the same IP Address.

            Thanks for reading…

          • TAT says...

            Talk about being a loser.
            See Ya!

          • Blue and White says...

            You still a major loser TAT

        • gary says...

          My money is on Wendy ( Terra Fiamma) . Ate at her restaurant on Jog many times and always enjoyed it. Sometimes a great restauranteur closes their business because of personal issues and a landlord who is an A–hole.
          Went to her new website, the menu looks incredible. Can’t wait for opening day.
          BTW a quick glance at the menu would indicate that this is far from a PIZZA JOINT.

          • Ralph F says...

            Some good hot weather and some good old fashioned rain should do her in very quickly.
            Throw in a crappy location and you got disaster coming Wendy’s way.

          • Blue and White says...

            Ralph F, I have a feeling your a glass half empty kind of guy….. I feel sorry for your family.

      • Jimmy K says...

        If a man is about to jump from the top of the Empire State Building, isn’t it better to try and stop him before he jumps or would you rather see if he survived after the jump.?

  6. RAse439 says...

    Two pizzas places. The owners can’t be the brightest bunch. No matter how different their respective menus maybe they both are still selling pizza and that makes them competitors. Throw Burt & Max’s which also has pizza into the mix and you got a big mess that’s going to soon develop.

  7. DellaR says...

    This Amici pizza place is going to die a slow painful death.
    Simply put, there aren’t enough people in the immediate area to support a business like this. During the week there will be very little lunch business and same for the nighttime. Maybe some action on the weekends but I just don’t see it working.

    • Lou Goldberg says...

      Got to disagree. It’s basically a fast food restaurant. It may find a big audience with loads of people who don’t want to pay extra for waiter service. Frankly it all depends if the pizza is any good.

  8. Sgt.Ernie Bilko says...

    The same guys who own the pizza also own the next door coffee place that’s getting ready to open. The guy is going for a fortune in rent for the two spots. Nice concepts WRONG location.
    Time will tell but my gut tells me that it isn’t going to be pretty

  9. Lou W says...

    Was up there about a week or so ago and was thinking the exact samething. That being 2 pizza joints right across the street from each other. What were these guys thinking when they signed their leases? Apparently not too much.

  10. Carl From Boca says...

    Delray Marketplace when all is said and done will prove to be a retail disaster. No idea how either of these pizza places will end up but their respective owners sure didnt pick great spots to open their new ventures.

  11. Jeff,
    I haven’t tried either restaurant yet. I have eaten in the new Burt & Max’s in the same center and really enjoyed it. In walking around I did look at both of these restaurants and although Bella isn’t opened it like the other one looks very modern and attractive.
    In the coming week I’m going to give each of them a shot.
    I agree being across from each other may not be a great move on their respective owner’s part, but only time will tell how this all works out.

  12. Cal G. says...

    Does anyone have any idea as to when Bella Amici is going to open? I read its website and the fast food aspect interests me. I am looking forward to trying it out.

  13. Sheryl E says...

    Hey Everybody,
    Only time will tell as to how well Delray Marketplace will do and these two pizza places in particular.

  14. Zare says...

    Terra is lousy.
    Hope the other guy is better.

  15. LKI says...

    Going to be a tough haul for both places.
    This center stinks.

  16. CARL says...

    Do you have any info as to when Bella Amici is going to open?
    Ive passed it a few times and it looks like it’s almost ready to open.

  17. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    A few weeks ago, Jeff Eats sent an email to Bella’s owner inquiring about whether or not there would be a “Family & Friends” event prior to the formal opening. The owner’s reply email indicated that he wasn’t certain as to whether there would be one or not and requested info about which was supplied.
    To date, Jeff Eats has received no further communication from Bella.
    So, for right now, Jeff Eats has absolutely no idea as to when Bella will open for business.

    Thanks for reading…

    • Sy G says...

      Hey Jeff,
      Why would any owner not keep you in the loop as far as opening and family/friends type openings? It would just seem to me that having you at these type events would give the new restaurant pretty good visability. I see that you recently attended one by PDQ and another by Shake Shack which are two big outfits. Obviously the real pros know that your site can only help get their stories out.

      • Sy G
        I’ll bet you that Bella’s owner is a reail amateur. Look at its site. One place it’s Pizzeria another place it’s Pizzaria. If you can’t even proof read a website how the hell are you going to make great pizza? Throw in phony website pictures, wrong hours, no menu and you got a guy who is probably trying to learn on the job.

        • Tala says...

          You know the man is a rookie!!!!!!!
          The reason, a real pro would never have opened in such a crappy overpriced location.

      • Dr. Bongiorno says...

        I got a real heavy bad feeling that the owners of bella aren’t real restaurant people. not keeping an influencial blogger like jeff eats in the so called loop isn’t too sharp of a move.

  18. SHT02 says...

    it rained yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that one and its raining right now here in Delray.
    now who in their right mind is going to the delray marketplace in the rain? not me!
    the mall is in for huge problems.
    as for these two pizza places.
    one has 1/2 of its seating outside so that’s it for its business this week and the other hasn’t opened yet.
    I plan on trying both of them but wont be going to this mall until the weather is better.

  19. Rod V. says...

    looked at bella’s website.
    Pictures aren’t of its food. They are just stock photos that you can upload to your site. Also the hours in one place say one thing and in another place say another thing. Website not too impressive and cheaply done. Hope when this one finally gets going the food is good and a better website is built.

  20. RK26 says...

    Terra is terrible.

  21. Ladybarber says...

    Ate at Terra yesterday.
    Pizza was bad news.
    Won’t see me again.

    • RonG says...

      I ate at Terra on Wednesday night. Bugs outside and they were flying around all over the inside.
      Won’t be back. Sorry.

  22. PizzamanJoe says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Looks like you are out of the loop.
    Bella Amici opened today and had a Family & Friends last night.
    I must have been one of their first customers today.
    I shared a plain pizza with my wife and if this is NY Style Pizza I’m a monkey’s uncle.
    I’ve had better pizza from Publix’s frozen food freezer.
    Maybe it’s just first day jitters but the owner better get busy and get better pizza in there.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      This is real simple…if the owner of a restaurant doesn’t want to keep Jeff Eats in the “loop”—then that’s his/her call.

      All I can tell you, is that if Jeff Eats had attended the “family & friends” event, I would have tried all of the food, gotten a good look at the décor and had a pretty good sense on service etc. Since Jeff Eats wasn’t invited, Bella Amici will now be placed on “my” list of restaurants that sometime in the future may get a Jeff Eats’ visit.

      Look, I have no idea who the owner is and really could care-less as to his background etc. What I do know, is that Jeff Eats has thousand of readers and if Bella Amici’s owner doesn’t want exposure to them, that’s his call.

      Thanks for reading…

      • fishman says...

        it amazes me as to how stupid some people really are,

        • Offertgy23 says...

          Stupid is putting it mildly.

      • Tooky says...

        My guess is that Bella didn’t have you come to its pre opening because its food is crap. Sort of like no news is good news.
        I’m just guessing because if it was good and I was the owner I would have picked you up in a cab to make sure you were there so that I would have a shot to get Jeff Eats to write up my restaurant.

        • JeffEats says...


          Just had a chance to read your comments.

          In a perverse way, your comments make sense.

          Thanks for reading…

      • Greenburg says...

        If you are planning on trying Bella I would suggest doing ASAP because based on the location and the so so pizza I had tonight, Bella ain’t going to be around for very long.

  23. Getter says...

    Tried the pizza at Amici’s. Too thick.Not sweet enough.Looks like a frozen pizza that you buy in a supermarket. The cheese on ours wasnt fully melted.
    One other thing, the stage area in the center has artwork as if it was in an elementary school. It looks really bad.

  24. VAF says...

    I ate at Amici last night.The garlic knots were very good. 5 for 2 bucks.The pizza isn’t the best.Also got iced coffee from the Grind next door. Way too expensive. They are owned by the same guy.

  25. Ken H says...

    Both places have ok pizza but nothing great.

  26. GoToGuy says...

    Open 2 days and from the pizza I had with my teenage son this joint is in for big trouble.

    • TTz says...

      We are on the same page.
      The pizza isn’t very good.

  27. Frank V says...

    Bella Amici’s pizza tasted like cardboard with sauce and cheese dumped on it.

  28. Getter23 says...

    Bella Amici finally opened yesterday.
    My wife and I shared a plain pizza and enjoyed it.
    I will tell you that there are a ton of pizza places in the area that make a better pie. Bella Amici needs to step up its game.
    Good luck to the owner. Looks like he spent a nice bundle building this place.

  29. JKL says...

    Terra has loads of outdoor seating. In this brutally hot weather you really can’t sit outside. In addition there are gnats flying all over the place, so it’s very uncomfortable to eat outside. Inside the same gnats are flying all around. They are coming inside because the restaurant has all kinds of open windows. My wife and I tried eating inside the other night but the gnats were too hard on us, so we left without even ordering.

  30. Howie K says...

    Hey Jeff: My wife and I were in the center last Saturday around 4pm. Not exactly crowded but there were a number of people walking around. Shula Burger had a nice crowd which seemed strange to us at such an odd hour, but no question it was busy. The candy store was empty as was the olive oil and yogurt stores. We noticed that Bella had opened and just walked in. It’s a nice look store and two tables were taken. We didn’t eat there we just looked around. By the way that ROK boutique looks great but was an absolute ghost town.
    This is going to be a tough center to generate big business. Looking forward to see how it’s all doing this time next year.

  31. archie duke says...

    the nicest thing I can say about bella is that the pizza was hot.

  32. Fischer says...

    Bella Amici’s pizza was ok.

  33. Danny G says...

    I ate pizza in both restaurants
    Bella’s pizza was the better of the two.

  34. Bella’s website stinks big time. No menu no prices no nothing.

  35. Lenny G says...

    terra isn’t very good. had pizza and it was soggy and under cooked.

  36. ZELKA87 says...

    Took out pizza last night. A plain old pie. If Bella Amici thinks that by any stretch of the imagination its pizza is first class they are sadly mistaken. Think Pizza Hut, Domino’s or Little Caesar and you’ll know what level this pizza place is playing on.

  37. Zemo says...

    Bella has two kinds of pizza. NY and Chicago. Had a NY slice and it was very good.

  38. Jimmy C says...

    Bella still has no takeout menus nor a menu on its website.
    The guy who owns this joint is a real rookie.
    Took out a pizza last night. Ok pizza.

  39. RRDBrooklyn says...

    Jeff, went to movies last night at delray marketplace. pretty empty as it was raining like crazy.
    after movie my wife and I stopped in and had pizza at bella amici. we thought that it was pretty good.
    bella amici wasn’t very busy I guess because of the torrential rain.
    by the way the terra place was virtually empty and of course its outside patio was totally closed.

  40. Ed F says...

    Bella’s pizza is decent.

  41. hA says...

    Had Bella pizza and its garbage. The guy will be out of business in 6 months.

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