***** Delray Marketplace *****

Posted on February 26th, 2013 · Delray Beach Music/Events/Other


***** Delray Marketplace *****

Finally, Delray Marketplace a 258,000 square foot “center” opened in Delray Beach at the intersection of West Atlantic Avenue and Lyons Road.

Check for a list of stores/businesses that includes Publix, Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille, Chico’s, White House/Black Market, Jos. A Bank and Burt & Max’s Grille.

Here’s a “call” for you guys…the Delray Marketplace will prove to be an absolute “white elephant” and a financial disaster for most of the tenants that took leases.

Just for starters- stop and think for a second…
Do we really need another Jos. A Bank men’s clothing store peddling–buy 1 suit and get 3 suits and 9 ties for free?
Do we really need an upscale candy store named IT’SUGAR where candy sells for “an arm and a leg?”
Do we really need another White House/Black Market a women’s chain which literally has stores in every major American shopping mall?
Do we really need another Chico’s a women’s chain which literally has stores in every major American shopping mall?

Look! Jeff Eats could go on and on–telling you that Delray Marketplace is just like that movie “Groundhog Day”—but I won’t.

Real simple…America’s retail-space is OVERBUILT. In this particular case, Delray Beach–doesn’t need any new retail businesses. Trust me, every one of its residents has seen it-done it.

I’m hearing that some “tenants” are paying 50 bucks a square foot…to be part of what will prove to be Armageddon.

Only time will tell, but my money says that most of Delray Marketplace’s tenants will dread the day that their lawyers said it was “ok” to sign their leases.

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  1. Pepe says...

    Well guys this place now as i stands has been packed with people… go now…… take a look and revise comments… time will tell. The only place that I see empty is Publix…… this strip mall is betting in the future and lot of new developments are in the table

  2. Mommy434 says...

    Was just there. A freaking ghost town.
    Went to see a band called Magic Bus. They were horrendous.

    • Lou Grant says...

      I have seen this band.
      They are lousy.

    • Shopkeeper says...

      We own a store in the center.
      We and almost every other independent are doing literally no business.
      Don’t believe everything you read.
      We and others are in talks with the owners for rent reductions.
      Stay tuned.

      • Mike says...

        I’ve followed the progress (or more accurately the decline) of this
        project since it opened.
        Have been in California for some time, but upon my return curiosity
        got the best of me and I drove over last week.
        It appears as if the only places doing business are the movie complex
        and Burt and Max’s…or whatever it’s called.
        That someone has broken ground for another eatery is astounding.
        Looks as if the place maintains a 20-25% vacancy rate.
        Calls to their local rental/management agent go unreturned.
        You poor souls were given (maybe) 1,000 or so parking spaces, not
        including Valet spaces. If the movie/bowling space is busy on a Saturday, the rest of you suffer. Publix finds a need to station a cop car in their lot in order to provide parking for their few customers.
        Meanwhile, I’ve never seen more than 50 shoppers in that market.
        You folks need not only substantial rent reductions (common gossip
        had it that some of you were paying 10% of what others of you got
        suckered into) and the schlemiels at Kite need to woo some Holiday-
        type retailers to the area. A weekend Farmer’s Market mightn’t be a bad idea.
        I remain stupefied to observe that all of you original tenants still have your doors open.
        Wish you the best.

  3. Mister Tenant says...

    This shopping center is even worse than you thought it would be.

    We own a ‘mom & pop’ store in the center and we are dying a painful death here.

    We read about how jammed the parking lot is, but what people don’t understand those cars are for workers, the movies, bowling, and a handful of restaurants. The rest of retail is dying here.

    During the day there are virtually no people.

    Egress and ingress of the center is horrendous.

    On the weekends the center gets busy for those tenants that I mentioned above, that’s it.

    What a mess WE got ourselves into.

    • Mike says...

      So sad (but not unsurprising) to hear the story you have to tell.
      Don’t you folks (as an understandably angry and frustrated group) have
      any “flex” with the mall developers?
      Why haven’t they pledged to offer additional parking?
      An olive oil store? You’re joking…
      The Polaroid photo shop is backed by someone with deep pockets; he opened another unit at Union Station in DC and it went out of business in
      less than 9 months.
      Charming Charlie’s…?
      A candle shop?
      The sorry crew who opened the yogurt shop needed to modify their hours
      less than 6 months after they opened for business.
      ROC…is that EuroTrash money being frittered away?
      The headstrong moron who opened Bella Amici and the “Italian” pasty/coffee shop next door (that never saw fit to offer a cannoli) ran with
      his tail between his legs.
      TWO haircutting salons in one 50-unit mall? Who was asleep at the wheel
      when those two businesspeople commited to a lease?
      The kitchen goods/housewares store is an embarrasment. Already did
      a 50% off sale, months after opening.
      The real shame is that the space itself is attractive and should have been
      shopper friendly.
      Competing with with retail clerks, waiters/waitresses/bartenders and tickettakers for the movie complex for the precious few parking spaces is
      the ultimate insult.
      And yes…Mister Tenant…getting into and out of the place is an insult.
      …It could have been so much more…what a shame.

      • eric says...

        I own the hair salon, and there are not 2 hair places, 1 is a barber shop they only do mens cutting. I have the exclusive as far as hair salon goes, as an industry expert you cannot compare a barber shop to a salon 2 different animals while I agree the placement was not great they do not affect em in the least. I wish I had a day time parking issue, the real issue is the array of stores leased and the lack of intelligent advertising and marketing, we would love to see a list of what cosumers want and what improvement shold be made above the obvious compalints, thanks

  4. ZED says...

    ROC out of business.
    Just watch one by one the retailers will close.
    The center is a disaster.

  5. Anthony Franza says...

    Only the inexperienced don’t know that Delray Marketplace is headed for ghost town status. Just watch as retailers drop by the wayside.
    I’m thinking that the Foto fellow, Olive Oil and Art store are next to go.

  6. Michael Teg says...

    Palm Beach Post doing its best to spin how great the center is, ain’t going to work. But nice try snyway.
    It was the shopping center planned for former agriculture land to the west, and no one expected the center would be built, much less succeed. Yet 18 months after it opened, the Delray Marketplace in suburban Delray Beach is so packed that another 400 parking spaces are planned.
    “Everybody laughed at us: ‘You’re going to die out there.’ And we said, ‘You’re going to be surprised. The community is waiting for this development,’ ” recalled Bruce Frank, owner of FrankTheatre IMAX CineBowl & Grille. He remembers hearing the naysayers when his Jupiter company committed to Delray Marketplace eight years before the center opened in February 2013.

    Delray Marketplace.
    Who’s laughing now?

    Frank said his combination bowling/movie theater/restaurant/bar and game room is thriving at Delray Marketplace, drawing customers making a beeline down Lyons Road from suburban Boynton Beach. Customers from Wellington to west of Boca Raton come, too.

    In fact, the center is bustling.

    Delray Marketplace.
    “We started going there the minute it opened. It’s like a second home to us,” said Caryn Gross-Devincenti, a resident of the Canyon Lakes community in suburban Boynton Beach, north of Delray Marketplace.

    Delray Marketplace is a 258,000-square-foot lifestyle shopping center, located on west Atlantic Avenue, just west of Florida’s Turnpike, at Lyons Road. The center has more more than 40 tenants, including shops, restaurants, specialty stores, plus an amphitheater.

    Delray Marketplace received a big boost when Lyons Road was completed between Atlantic Avenue and Boynton Beach Boulevard. In addition to drawing from nearby adult-only country club communities, the project attracts families from communities west of Boynton Beach and other western neighborhoods.

    Delray Marketplace heralds opening with circus-themed party
    From bowling to food to movies, Delray complex wants to be “one-stop” nightspot
    More stories by Alexandra Clough
    Developers say they aren’t surprised by the center’s broad appeal to people living in western Palm Beach County. Previously, residents in these western zip codes had to travel some distance east to shop and dine.

    Jason Samreny, vice president of leasing for Indianapolis-based Kite Realty Group, the project’s developer, said the company expected the wide range of customers.

    Not only does Delray Marketplace boast the only IMAX theater between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Delray Marketplace features places for all ages, including IT’SUGAR candy store, and children’s clothing stores, plus stores such as White House/Black Market and Chico’s. A host of restaurants abound, too.

    But Delray Marketplace took awhile to get off the ground. The project has been in the works since 2005 and was slated to open by the end of 2008, then the fall of 2010. After the economy tanked, plans to develop the site were put on hold. The shopping center finally opened in 2013.

    The six-minute drive down Lyons Road takes Gross-Devincenti to a family-friendly place, with lots to do for her family and visiting relatives. Gross-Devincenti cited the bowling alley and theater, the restaurants, the amphitheater and the shops, including the Poloroid Fotobar, where pictures stored on smartphones can be downloaded into Poloroid photos.

    “And it also has Publix, so you can you shop, eat and then you pick up the gallon of milk you forgot on the way home,” she said.

    While Frank would not provide specific numbers, he noted there are sometimes waits for bowling lanes on weekends. Theaters are busy, too. “It exceeded our expectations,” Frank said. “It’s a place for kids and adults. And in season, it’s a place where people can take grandchildren over the holidays and they can spend three or four hours.”

    Frank acknowledged his 12-lane bowling, 16-theater complex is probably partly to blame for the lack of parking, which is a major source of complaints from patrons. Soon the problem should be eased with the extra parking spots coming at year end.

    In addition to the Frank Theatre IMAX CineBowl & Grille, another hit is restaurant Burt & Max’s, of Max’s Grille fame at Boca Raton’s Mizner Park.

    Owner Burt Rapoport projected that in 2013, he would gross $4.5 million in sales at Burt & Max’s. Instead, sales hit $5.3 million. And this year, he’s up 15 percent, compared to the same time last year.

    Rather than compete with someone else, Rapoport is taking the restaurant space next to him, and plans to open Apeiro Kitchen & Bar, by year’s end. The eatery is planned as a Mediterranean-style menu, featuring light, healthy food.

    Rapoport, who has had a number of eateries throughout Palm Beach County, encountered mixed reactions when he first announced he was taking space at Delray Marketplace.

    “A lot of people couldn’t understand why I would open a restaurant out there,” Rapoport said. “Other people understood the market and thought it was a genius idea.”

    He said he’s particularly pleased by the customer mix: “A lot of families, a lot of working people and also retired people. We’re capturing all three of these markets.”

    A big driver of Burt & Max’s success is that it makes money even through the off-season, thanks to nearby residents who live year-round. “It’s by far my busiest restaurant throughout the summer,” Rapoport said.

    Not everyone thinks Delray Marketplace has the mix quite right yet.

    Orin Rosenfeld, president of Rosenfeld Realty Advisors in Boca Raton, said he expects some of the boutique-type clothing and accessories stores to cycle out and be replaced by other tenants. That’s because he has observed that the shopping center caters to a fairly young, and fairly old crowd, with not much demand from customers in between, he said.

    Some of the restaurants also are faring better than others, and Rosenfeld said restaurant operators should place a greater emphasis on food quality and service.

    One restaurant that is upping its game is Cabo Flats. The Mexican bar and eatery, which has a location at Downtown at the Gardens in Palm Beach Gardens, has been open since November at Delray Marketplace.

    “That location has exceeded our expectations, and the restaurant is doing extremely well,” said Adam Robin, director of operations and managing partner of Boca Raton-based Cabo Flats.

    But after some online reviews cited inconsistent food and service, Robin said he was brought aboard to boost service and create a superior menu. Robin previously worked at the company that owns Vic & Angelo’s in Palm Beach Gardens and Delray Beach.

    Cabo Flats has had a reputation as a fun bar and party place, but new chefs are in place and the goal is to give diners “top quality food,” using fresh local produce and local purveyors, Robin said.

    As for the future, Samreny said more stores are planned. Pizazz, a gift boutique, is about to open. And future tenants may include a furniture store, a men’s and women’s clothing store, and a high-end dental office — to treat the customers going into IT’SUGAR, he joked.

    A breakfast place or deli also could be on the menu, Samreny said.

    Alexandra Clough writes about the economy, real estate and the law.

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  7. They need a good kosher deli.

  8. eric says...

    I am the owner of the salon Hair Studio Artists at the Delray Marketplace. I have now been there for 1.5 years and would like some updated feedback since all that is here is outdated posts, now that most stores are open with some vacancies what is the feedback. We have seen growth and understand some challenges but would like to know what everyone thinks 1 yr later and now the 2nd holiday season is here, what would you like to see in the plaza and what needs improvement.

    • Frumpkin says...

      This plaza is a disaster.
      Other than the movies and the restaurants you retail folks are sucking wind.
      The plaza has nothing to draw people to retail.
      Chicos etc they are all in the MALL.
      It is only going to get worse for you because reality is going to set in that you really screwed up opening there. High rent and little to no foot traffic. Be a clever man and just close now and stop hoping.
      Sorry to be so blunt but you are on the Titanic.

  9. Scott M says...

    Walked around there last Sunday around 3:30pm. Empty and that includes the restaurants.
    This center is a disaster.
    A load of empty stores that have never had tenants.

  10. Mike says...

    Having been out of town for awhile I found myself at the Chase branch in the Marketplace.
    By the way, all Chase personnel at this branch are kind and helpful and patient…especially with my 95 year old mother.
    Anyway, I see that Fotobar gave up the ghost.
    Rumor had it that this place was bankrolled by a guy with deep pockets. When I passed thru DC
    recently, I saw that his location inside Union Station had bit the dust in less than 9 months.
    Now Delray is RIP. Is he still a presence in Boca?
    The Marketplace itself remains a ghost town during the heat-oppressive daytime hours.
    I literally did not see more than 10 people (total)
    in any of the stores, there’s still a 20-25% vacancy rate and all that said, they did manage to increase the number of parking spaces out back. Those adjacent to the stores themselves seem to be taken over by the staff at the various stores.
    If you want to food shop without having to wait on a long check-out line, visit the Publix next door. There are never more than 30-50 people
    in the store, mostly local contractors/workers who make a beeline for the take-out sandwich counter.
    As I’ve said in previous longwinded commentaries, this space cries out for some non
    cookie cutter tenants, like a Trader Joe’s or
    Fresh Market or Whole Foods.
    How did the Toddler Tuesdays thing work out?

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