***** Delray Marketplace *****

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***** Delray Marketplace *****

Finally, Delray Marketplace a 258,000 square foot “center” opened in Delray Beach at the intersection of West Atlantic Avenue and Lyons Road.

Check www.delraymarket.com for a list of stores/businesses that includes Publix, Frank Theatres CineBowl & Grille, Chico’s, White House/Black Market, Jos. A Bank and Burt & Max’s Grille.

Here’s a “call” for you guys…the Delray Marketplace will prove to be an absolute “white elephant” and a financial disaster for most of the tenants that took leases.

Just for starters- stop and think for a second…
Do we really need another Jos. A Bank men’s clothing store peddling–buy 1 suit and get 3 suits and 9 ties for free?
Do we really need an upscale candy store named IT’SUGAR where candy sells for “an arm and a leg?”
Do we really need another White House/Black Market a women’s chain which literally has stores in every major American shopping mall?
Do we really need another Chico’s a women’s chain which literally has stores in every major American shopping mall?

Look! Jeff Eats could go on and on–telling you that Delray Marketplace is just like that movie “Groundhog Day”—but I won’t.

Real simple…America’s retail-space is OVERBUILT. In this particular case, Delray Beach–doesn’t need any new retail businesses. Trust me, every one of its residents has seen it-done it.

I’m hearing that some “tenants” are paying 50 bucks a square foot…to be part of what will prove to be Armageddon.

Only time will tell, but my money says that most of Delray Marketplace’s tenants will dread the day that their lawyers said it was “ok” to sign their leases.

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  1. Nick says...

    Shopped at Publix on Monday, store was
    basically empty. Cashiers talking with each other, no lines. Store personnel is very friendly,
    manager on duty was asked why his parking lot
    is full on the weekends and his store usually has
    fewer than 25 customers. He diplomatically
    alluded to the traffic overflow from the “mall”
    (or whatever it is) and says that “we’re addressing the issue.”
    Does that mean that someone in charge is going to build a 2nd level of parking?
    This hodge podge project is jinxed.
    Mostly by its developers, Kite Realty.
    What were they thinking?
    Combination of stores opened so far is lackluster at best. Place cries out for a gourmet grocery. Or maybe the olive oil store
    will get its act together and add smoked meats and cheeses to its huge selection of
    custom blended oils and vinegars (that nobody really craves) or a chain like Whole Foods can overcome resistance from Publix
    and take a space.
    With our Florida summer in full swing, it’s too
    damn hot to walk the pavements during the
    daytime, with the recent torrential downpours
    wandering anywhere there is out of the question.
    Movie/bowling complex is brilliantly conceived
    and realized. The Italian place draws a crowd,
    but their outdoor seating (which seems to be
    most of the restaurant) doesn’t exist when
    rain comes down in buckets.
    The Burt and Max’s attracts people of all ages
    and their service staff is attentive and friendly.
    Japango, haven’t visited.
    What’s going to be when these 4 food destinations are competing for dollars and another Italian place opens, as well as a beer
    joint, a Mexican place, a coffee lounge and
    Shula Burger?
    Either it’s going to draw crowds for miles or
    the competition will drive the weaker places
    As Jeff Eats observed, is there really a need
    for yet another Jos. A. Bank or Black/White
    or Chico’s?
    I say go for broke: 3 levels of parking and
    a slew of Outlet stores.

  2. Ted allen says...

    Heard that the Chico’s is doing great.
    I also heard that 3 men from Mars landed in NYC this morning and want to play for the Mets.

  3. Buzz says...

    Wondering what anyone/everyone was thinking
    when they signed on to this location.
    For starters, if someone wants to look ‘em up
    and makes the mistake of going to
    they are directed to two other venues, not this one.
    For another, there is little in the way of support
    offered by the (nominal) overseers, namely
    Kite Realty. Their local rep. ignores phone messages. Their two recent efforts to sponsor
    themed events were dismal failures.
    Note to Burt and Max’s: If you want to attract
    crowds to your new location, don’t dare think
    of gouging people $30-$100 to sit on a crummy
    plastic folding seat (in the rain, no less) and force these schlemiels to listen to a really lame
    version of an iconic rock group from the 60s.
    And while you’re at it, if you’re asking guests
    to pony up and offering small plates and mixed
    drinks on the lawn remember to install some
    interior lighting in the pop-up tents. After 8:30pm
    there was no illumination and you had to guess
    what it was you were about to sample.
    Back to the Marketplace…
    Burt and Max’s have a loyal following, as does
    Tierra Fiamma, but as someone pointed out the
    sole Italian place features (mostly) outdoor seating…which is pleasant enough but pointless
    in a downpour.
    The movie theater draws a crowd, but the service in the Grille can be lacking. And their ushers are WAY too friendly, insisting on
    physically connecting with the guests by means
    of ghetto high-fives and outrageous requests
    such as “Hey, can I have that?” to a moviegoer
    in front of me using his iPhone.
    Frank Theatres might do well to invite those
    travelling to the Marketplace in buses (have seen at least three different condo communities
    touring the area) to come in for a Seniors Matinee and a sandwich…they are way not busy
    during weekday afternoons.
    The candy store…beautifully designed, missing
    everything in the way of unique character that
    a typical candy store has…no personality.
    And the ratio of sales staff to actual customers
    making purchases is about 8:1…and that would
    be 8 teens floating around the store to1 actual
    The yogurt shop. I feel really bad for this guy.
    His rent must be at least $10,000/month and
    even during peak evening hours there’s not more than 10 patrons inside and outside the store.
    Olive oil…in Delray? Had an exchange with the
    knowledgeable gal behind the counter and she
    told me (with a straight face) that the reason they opened here is because there was a huge
    demand for another branch, based on feedback
    they had/have from their store in CityPlace.
    Photo shop? Again, nicely realized store
    build-out but where are the customers?
    The ROC whatever…and Charming Charlie’s…
    are these locations funnels for some shadier
    enterprise further south?!
    Latest poor souls to open is the candle shop…
    yup, when it’s 97 degrees and equally humid
    I race to a shop where I can find sources of
    heat-generating illumination…
    Nail spa?
    Chico’s and Black/White and Bank Clothiers…
    I’ll pass.
    Of the stores opened, I would guess that those
    who’ll survive during the next 12-18 months
    will be Frank Theatres, Chase Bank, Burt & Max’s, (maybe) Tierra Fiamma, the pizza by the
    slice shop, coffee shop, possibly Japango and
    if they can attract a younger crowd, the beer hall
    next to the movie theater and the Latin place
    across the road…and Publix.
    Kite Realty needs to aggressively court new
    tenants, like a gourmet market, a liquor/wine
    shop and possibly a bookstore.
    Otherwise, it’s curtains

  4. Mike says...

    About to leave muggy South Florida and
    head back to California for the summer.
    This Marketplace obsesses me; try as I may,
    can’t quite fathom it.
    As others have observed “What were they
    While the place has a nice look to it, it’s been
    beset by problems (some of their own making,
    others not) since its’ delayed opening this
    Roads to/from still a mess.
    Lack of parking is unbelievable; if the movies
    are doing decent business there is no self-parking to be had anytime after 1pm on
    Saturday or Sunday. What were the Kite
    people thinking when they pitched these
    storefronts to potential leasees?
    And how did the renters who commited manage to collectively go out to lunch before
    commiting to space, not realizing that fewer
    than 1,500 parking spaces would not meet
    the needs of potential shoppers and visitors
    at a 50+ series of stores?
    That’s about 30 spots for each store…really?
    And as someone also observed, how does
    a food business meet its monthly nut without
    benefit of a brisk breakfast or lunch business?
    Since I shop at Publix (always no waiting, very
    nice staff) about 3-4 times weekly I see that
    there is nothing going on between 11am-5pm
    on weekdays. As in no one open for lunch
    (except the CineBowl Grille) and no foot traffic
    in the blazing sun (or recent downpours)
    before Happy Hour commences at the movies
    and Burt’s and Terra Fiamma.
    The glitzy candystore usually has more
    sales help than customers, the guy who got
    suckered into opening the yogurt store is now
    in a perpetually bad mood (and the vibes are
    as intense as his Customers Only bathroom
    is filthy) has already partly given up the ghost
    by changing his open from 11am to noon.
    The brainiacs behind the photo shop can’t
    seem to draw flies (let alone customers) and
    the space vending delicious (but pricey)
    custom blended vinegars and olive oil is so
    down and out that they haven’t been able to
    scare up the scratch to fully fill in their shelves
    of pre-packaged product. A bad sign, for sure.
    No nearby offices clamoring for an alternative
    to fast food, no Seniors being offered anything
    in the way of a “try us out” promotion with
    a movie or game of bowling and a snack (and
    the Bowl Grille is more often than not empty
    anytime earlier than late afternoon) or some
    kind of Saturday breakfast/brunch from
    Burt & Max’s (one of them comes from an
    illustrious food family on the Lower East Side
    and should be ashamed for not offering
    traditional blintzes, lox/onions, matzo brei, etc.
    to an elderly prosperous crowd who grew up
    on these down home delicacies)…or anything…from anyone there that will draw
    guests to the locale.
    Because there is no anchor (other than the
    movie/bowling complex) there is no perpetual
    ebb and flow of foot traffic, which could sound
    the death knell for this overblown mistake.
    Maybe there’s hope: perhaps one of the
    head-up-the-keester honchos at Kite will
    realize that if this place is going to be anything
    other than a ghost town within 2 years that
    they plow some major bucks into building
    multi-level parking and attracting the likes
    of a Bloomingdale’s or Macy’s and a gourmet
    quality foodstore. Glades Road mall is over
    10 miles away, the Boynton Beach mall is
    borderline dangerous to visit and within a 5+
    mile radius you’ve got new condos and established condos where the median income
    has to be in the six figure range.
    It’d be nice to have an alternative to the
    beat up strip malls that line Atlantic.
    Will be mighty curious to see how this
    white elephant weathers the summer months.

  5. JOE PIZZARELLO says...


  6. RedFoxx says...

    My wife and I have been to the Delray Marketplace something like 5 times. Twice she bought a small cup of yogurt. That’s the total of purchases. We have walked around 5 times trying to like this place but each time we agreed that there really isn’t anything special going on here. Olive oil, high priced candy, blowup photos, buy 1 suit and get 6 ties an 12 shirts, the list of waste your time stores goes on and on.
    This center is going to be a failure.
    For the Beer World type of store by the movies, 65+ year olds don’t sit around drinking beer at night. Maybe South Beach but not on Atlantic and Lyons Road in Delray Beach.

    • Myrna says...

      This is the problem…the world does not revolve around the 65 and older crowd.
      This center is aimed at the younger set moving into the Bridges.

      • ZED says...

        Betcha the average age in The Bridges is close to 60.

  7. JupiterJoe says...

    This center is a DISASTER.
    Parking is terrible.
    The merchants stink.
    Going to go bust.

  8. YHT says...

    the sun sentinel yesterday had a very positive story on itsugar
    and how successful the chain is.
    what do you think?

  9. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Like you I also read that article.

    Can’t comment on other locations, but if I was a betting man, my money would bet that the location in the Delray Marketplace proves to be a financial disaster.

    Thanks for reading…

  10. Jules86 says...

    This shopping center is a mess and it doesn’t even have its full tenant load in. Parking setup stinks.Store mix is horrendous. No one needs another Chico’s.

  11. TAS says...

    I think you are wrong.
    This center will do great.
    In particular the Polaroid store should be extra strong as its the first of its kind.

    • Qt121 says...

      If you want to see the future of the Delray Marketplace just go to The Promenade in Coconut Creek. Could have been built by the same developer based on looks a tenants. Go there any day and its a ghost town. Empty streets and empty stores. A total disaster.
      The Delray Marketplace will be exactly the same thing.
      I’ll bet you that at least 1/2 of the tenants who have already opened there already know that they made a huge mistake going into this center.
      On my list to be the first casualties, the foto guy, the candy guy, the olive oil guy, the roc boutique guy, the yogurt guy. They should be history within 6 months.
      think I’m wrong? Just watch and you’ll learn that you were on the wrong page on this one.

    • Gto34 says...

      Hey tas,
      Give this center 6 months and you’ll see you were dead wrong. This center is a big giant huge mess. As for your Polaroid store, he’ll be one of the first to bust out. The product is so limited that it actually makes no sense whatsoever.
      See you in 6 months if not sooner.

  12. Bob T says...

    Jeff, my wife and i were there around 2 pm yesterday.
    Literally no one in the street or stores.
    They should have put a Trader Joe’s there and other new concepts that South Floridians haven’t seen too much of.
    On that Polaroid store. Are you kidding me? Not a chance of making it.

    • Cal says...

      I was reading that the foto store is the first of a planned chain.
      Unless I’m missing something I see this concept as a total dud.
      I think we’ll know if we are right or wrong in about 6 months.
      Maybe in a high tourist area like Orlando but no way in Delray Beach on Lyons Rd.

      • Frank W says...

        It wouldn’t make it on the corner of 5th ave. and 42nd st.

      • TSB43 says...

        The foto store is almost as dumb of an idea as th olive oil business is.

        • vinny h says...

          This foto store doesn’t make sense. Maybe in a tourist area like Disneyland but delray beach fl, please!!!! just a matter of time to it closes. the owner is in all kinds of businesses, guaranteed this one is a failure for him.

  13. TR says...

    Was there today at 4pm
    Shula’s was busy.
    Candy store empty.
    Bella Amici is now opened.
    The Coffee Grind is now opened.
    Orange Leaf had one guy sitting outside.
    Foto had a couple of people.
    Nice sized crowd online for movie tkts.

  14. DummyLou says...

    A load of dumb stores there.
    The biggest dumbest ideas are the olive oil and the foto stores.

  15. VeryMan says...

    Jeff, first time there yesterday. my bet is that at least 1/2 of the tenants will go out of business within 1 year. The landlord should have put Trader Joe’s there instead of Publix.

  16. EK says...

    The Olive Oil, Candy, Foto stores have absolutely no chance whatsoever of making it.
    What in the world could these guys have been thinking when they signed leases.
    The population is all wrong.

  17. Cropper says...

    The Publix there is huge.
    It is too far away from the rest of the other stores to generate any business for them.
    Poorly layed out center.

  18. Mike says...

    Back home in California,where we have
    a mall similar to the Marketplace. It’s called
    The Grove, anchored by a Nordstrom and
    adjacent to the famous Farmer’s Market.
    Traffic here is constant throughout the day
    and evening. Unlike the poorly thought out
    Marketplace, The Grove has ample parking
    for all.
    Truly don’t understand how the vendors who
    are in Delray didn’t demand more parking spaces at the outset; as so many others have
    mentioned, on a weekend it’s almost impossible to find a spot and to think that
    Valet parking turns away customers…it’s too
    surreal to imagine.
    Gnats weren’t an issue when I left town; sounds like (once again) poor planning and
    poorer execution prevailed.
    Who is going to traipse over to this place in the middle of a sticky summer to shop in blazing heat and humidity?
    What were all these people thinking when they commited to such a set-up?

  19. GvA says...

    When you enter from Lyons if cars are dropping people off by the movies you can’t even get into the place. What a mess this center is.

  20. BVG says...

    i think that most of the tenants in this center are going to get wiped out. The foto store, candy store, olive oil store, upscale boutique are going to be the first to go. They have absolutely nothing that anyone needs. The guys who own these 4 stores cant be too smart. Too bad.

  21. Harold34343 says...

    5:25pm on Sunday and its pouring here in Delray. Delray Marketplace is now finished for the night.
    Bad setup.

  22. Ddf says...

    I say that the olive guy is the first to go.
    Any takers?

    • US34 says...

      It’s going to be either the olive or foto.
      Dumbest stores.

  23. Vinny says...

    The food in the movies’ sports bar is very good.

  24. Carl F. says...

    Finally got to this one over the weekend. Parking setup up is a mess.
    The store mix is as dumb as can be.

  25. GOGOLOU says...

    last night at 8pm foto store empty same for olive oil.
    what were these guys thinking. just a matter of time before they close.
    ridiculous ideas.

  26. DUMBOLOU says...

    Is the FOTO store still open?
    I got a $100 bet with my kid brother that it will close before the OLIVE OIL store does? He thinks vice versa.

    • SkippyW says...

      Both are still opened.
      It will be close but I think the Olive joint will close first but rest assured the Foto store won’t be far behind.

  27. BradE says...

    Parking layout is a disaster.

  28. Shelly Gold says...

    Bet you by this time next year at least 30% of the current tenants will be gone.

    • Mankind says...

      I say 45 percent.

  29. CLAUS890 says...

    Was there last night.
    There sure are a ton of dumb stores there.
    I think the dumbest one has to be that OLIVE OIL one. WTF.

  30. Jenna says...

    We were there when they had the ‘Grand Opening’ some months back which was supposed to have live music, and some free stuff.. whatever. They had a few baloons to give away and a few kids had one or so. The music feature was a single guy doing maybe a one man music thing.. all recorded and just some dissapointed kids running around the area. No one was paying attention to him.. he was up front there all alone. The restaurants seemed very over priced and the parking is angeled in to the right or left on narrow streets. . . and when trying to back out everyone has to wait and the cars get stacked up. The promoters had a great crowd there and absolutely blew it ! Very bad first impression of an opening event.. have not been back since. Poor management … they should all be fired for that bungled so called ‘event’. Do they think everyone is stupid ?

  31. RASE says...

    Did the olive oil guy close yet?
    He’ll be the first to go and then the Foto guy goes.

  32. Fred M. says...

    was there last sat around 8pm and it was almost impossible to get a parking spot. burt max busy as was shulas. yogurt busy and movies also busy. rest os stores not too much business. I agree with many here that a lot of the stores are going to crap out and some will make it.

  33. GFRE says...

    The foto owner has a huge business background. Too bad he’s going to miss with this foto idea. delray is probably one of the worst places a person could ver open this concept. Cant for the life of me think why he picked such a hopel;ess site. I guess his business sense sometimes misses.

  34. DINKIELOU says...

    hey jeff, they added outside bands very Friday night. all of the list published bands work at the casinos.

  35. David N says...

    Foto store sucks.And I thought that the owner was a smart guy.

  36. POSNER says...

    Can’t quite get my head around this fotobar store. Don’t see how it can possibly make it in Delray. Also not too impressed with that olive oil store. Not in Delray. Tried Bella Amici the new pizza place, fair at best. Loved Max’s.

  37. Sid L. Turner says...

    Don’t like the layout. Parking stinks.

  38. Sam says...

    Would a Kilwins do well next to that movie theater and Cabo? They would probably compete with the yogurt store for ice cream but their chocolates/fudge might do well.

    • Sid L. Turner says...

      sam, I don’t think that there are enough people in that center to warrant a kilwin’s.

      • Sam says...

        I was there earlier today and spoke to a few owners. They all say that daytime is pretty dead but the evenings make up for it. They really do have a parking problem but Kite already has plans to expand parking. Overall, the place has a cool vibe. I dont know if it is a successful business model but it is a place my family and I will frequent since we only live a few miles away and theres little else in the area.

        • it’s a ghost town during the day. only busy on Friday and Saturday nights. when it rains, the whole center is DEAD. look for a whole bunch of stores to soon fail.

  39. Mike says...

    Dropped into the Polaroid foot store.
    It’s a nice place. Friendly, informative staff,
    prices reasonable.
    More folks need to give this place a shot.

    • zeke says...

      most people don’t need what they are selling. has no chance os staying in business,

    • Polaroid might work in a huge tourist area, not Delray Beach in the middle of nowhere. Big mistake opening here. The owner is loaded so he’ll keep it going so nobody knows that he opened a really huge disaster.They are doing minimal business at best and that’s being kind.,

  40. Neal G. says...

    got caught in the rain there yesterday around 3pm. every business was empty.

  41. Juke says...

    When the free rent deals end, the vacancies will begin.

  42. Wendy H says...

    I have no idea how the olive store is even still open? What were they thinking. They definitely needed an anchor store to draw people in. It’s a nice place to eat, but that’s about it. A whole foods store would have done great. All these small stores, that have nothing to offer, have no chance. I’m thinking of opening up something, but I can’t say what b/c someone else may like the idea!!! So if it happens, you will just have to wait and see. We need one desperately. Any guesses?

  43. Klein says...

    3:30 pm at Delray a Marketplace and it’s literally a ghost town. The stores have to be dying.
    Tons of empty bays still left.

  44. COOPERMAN.H says...

    Tried the new movies. Nice theaters. Cant see why anyone would go to this center other than for a couple of the restaurants, movies and Publix. The rest of the stores like the foto and olive oil stores make no sense whatsoever. No question a load of new houses are being built in the area so there are more people than ever who could come to the center. They need more user friendly stores to get people like drugstores, cleaners, bakeries etc.

  45. Dolbygeorge says...

    Poorly laid out.
    Terrible tenant mix.

  46. Stan Man says...

    Was there last night and center was very busy. Parking was a nightmare.

    • JeffEats says...

      West Boca News:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Jeff Eats’ sticks by its call on Delray Marketplace.

      Just a suggestion, rather than guessing that things are going great because a new restaurant is opening-why don’t you interview the current tenants as to how they think things are going? Just a guess, if they tell you the truth-you may here a different story than the one your are painting for your readers.

      Time will tell.

      Thanks for reading.

  47. TURNER says...

    The game isn’t over yet.
    Ask the olive guy or pizza guy or foto guy or man cave, or coffee guy, or Jo’s banks how they are doing.
    Just watch as Jeff Eats is right on the money.

  48. TZ says...

    You have no idea as to what you are talking about.
    Most of the retailers in Delray Marketplace are sucking wind.
    Don’t count Jeff Eats’ prediction out just yet.

  49. Jeff Dorman says...

    Ask the Olive Oil guy how he is doing.
    Or maybe the pizza guy. Or maybe the coffee guy.
    You’ll see that this center was a disaster from day one.
    My money says Jeff Eats got the call just right.
    Get back to us in August.

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