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Originally posted on October 13, 2014.

* Drink Tangerine Juice.

This article originally appeared on October 13, 2014. Do Jeff Eats a big favor and give-it-a-read! Just between you guys and Jeff Eats, no-one really knows for sure- how the future is gonna break for them! You guys can do what you’d like with this Tangerine “information”- all I can tell you is that it makes a whole lot of sense to me!

Posted October 13, 2014
* Drink Tangerine Juice.

One of Jeff Eats’ favorite “drinks” is fresh squeezed tangerine juice.

Take a look at the below-article -Health Benefits of Tangerine Juice ( already knew the stuff was really good for me, but didn’t know that it was REALLY THAT GOOD for me!

Now, with tangerine season (November-April) nearing…Jeff Eats was thinking- just maybe, it wouldn’t hurt for you guys to plan on drinking an 8oz glass a day, could it? Just so we are straight, I got a “D” in junior high school biology- so if you go into diabetic shock or some other “shock” drinking this stuff- don’t-be suing Jeff Eats based on the claim that I’m some kind of a science/health expert!

By the way, Jeff Eats doesn’t “do” PASTEURIZED fresh squeezed tangerine juice…there are plenty of south Florida markets that have unpasteurized fresh squeezed tangerine juice. The reasons- 1. unpasteurized juice tastes better than the tinkered stuff- does, 2. pasteurizing cooks many of the nutrients out of the juice. Just so you know, don’t waste your time “looking” in Publix- EVERY juice it stocks is pasteurized…I usually catch mine at The Boys Farmers Market (Delray Beach) or Whole Foods Market.

One final thought, if you haven’t got time to go “chasing” around looking for unpasteurized fresh squeezed tangerine juice–you can always just buy some tangerines at your local supermarket and do whatever you want with them…

Health Benefits of Tangerine Juice.

Aside from being sweet and flavorful, tangerine juice has many benefits for your health. In terms of nutritional value and disease-fighting properties, tangerine juice has several advantages over orange juice. From protecting you from diseases and cancer to keeping you fuller longer, this juice has a health benefit for nearly everyone.

Nutritional Value – The Source Of The Health Benefits Of Tangerine Juice
Tangerine juice has all of the tangy flavor of orange juice but with added nutrition. This juice is an excellent source of many antioxidants, such as hesperetin, xanthins, lutein, beta-carotene, and narigenin. Anti-oxidants eliminate free radicals that can cause cancer, as well as fight aging. The anti-oxidant beta cryptoxanthin may reduce inflammation from arthritis. Lutein protects the eyes and helps you keep your eyesight sharp. The flavenoid tangeretin is a powerful agent that has been shown in studies to prevent skin cancer and helps stop the spread of breast-cancer cells. The flavonoids tangeretin and nobiletin have blood thinning and anti-inflammatory properties, which may reduce your risk of heart attacks.

Additionally, tangerine juice is chock-full of vitamin C, which boosts your immunity. Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin C helps your body fight infections from the common cold to the flu. In addition to helping increase your immune function, vitamin C helps your body absorb iron, and helps boost wound healing.

Tangerine juice contains folic acid and potassium, and it is also an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which promotes regularity. Being regular has been proven to reduce your risk for developing some forms of cancer, such as colon cancer. The fiber also helps prevent your body from absorbing cholesterol. Fiber whisks some of the cholesterol content from your food out of your system, which can lower your blood levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.

One serving of tangerine juice provides 20-percent of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A. This is 10-times as much vitamin A as orange juice. Vitamin A is instrumental in protecting your eyesight, promoting immune function and bone and tissue health. The vitamin A in tangerine juice may also stimulate cell growth and cell division.

Antiseptic Properties
Tangerines have natural germ-fighting properties. Tangerine juice may help your body defend itself against an infection from the staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus is highly contagious and causes painful lesions and boils on the skin, particularly on the face or in other tender areas such as the groin or the armpits.

In addition to fighting harmful bacteria, the pectin in tangerine juice has been proven to help increase the number of beneficial bacteria in your intestines. These bacteria improve digestion and increases your body’s ability to defend against harmful bacteria which can cause inflammation and intestinal disorders. When harmful bacteria enter the gut, beneficial bacteria help usher the bad bacteria out of your system before they can cause an infection.

Diet Support
Tangerine juice is an excellent way to start your day if you are dieting. The fiber and carbohydrates in the juice help keep you feeling full, which will prevent over-indulgence later on. Additionally, the sweet finish of the tangerine flavor can help prevent the cravings for sugar that can derail a diet.

Starting your day with tangerine juice is a tasty and healthy way to boost your immunity, bolster your digestive and tissue health and protect your body against the ravages of cancer. Tangerine juice is powerful enough to do all of those things, yet it is so tangy-sweet and flavorful that you will forget all about its many health benefits and simply enjoy the flavor.

21 Comments to “Drink Tangerine Juice”

  1. Joel Cohen says...

    This is a very informative article.
    I didn’t know that Tangerine Juice was so much better than Oranage Juice.
    My wife and I are going to start drinking Tangerine Juice every day.
    Thanks again for such a great story.

  2. Laura Fontana says...

    In recent weeks I’ve noticed that The Fresh Market in my neighborhood W. Boca has been carrying an extra large shipment of fresh squeezed tangerine juice.

  3. Malcolm Holmes says...

    Fresh tj isn’t the easiest to find in markets. For years I’ve squeezed a few tangerines in the morning for juice.

  4. Louis Carson says...

    Great article.
    Ive been drinking fresh tangerine juice for years. The stuff really does work.

  5. Lois Gottlieb says...

    Long time fan.
    I remember when this article first ran on and decided to follow the recommendation. One of the best things Ive ever done. Tangerine Juice really helps to keep people in good shape.

  6. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    There is nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of fresh squeezed tangerine juice. By Gregg L. Friedman MD

  7. Jeff,
    I get fresh squeezed Tangerine Juice at the Boys Market in Delray Beach. They sell Kennesaw brand juice which isn’t pasteurized.
    When out of season, I squeeze my own.

  8. Lou Adler says...

    Jeff, right on…

  9. KLEINMAN says...

    Jeff Eats,
    As a long time reader I’ve loved and sometimes hated your “calls.” All in all, is one of the best sites that I’ve ever found and I read and check it every day.
    I must tell you that your 2014 Tangerine Story was probably the best post. As far as I’m concerned. When I first read it, it made a whole lot of sense to me and had me checking other sources on Tangerines. That post got me hooked on drinking Tangerine juice or eating Tangerines every day- since then. As you suggested. Everything has been fresh and nothing is pasteurized.
    I just wanted you to know that I’m 76 years old and since starting this Tangerine daily regiment I haven’t been sick even one single day right up today. I will also tell you that my personal internist who tested me for Covid-19 told me that I was negative and that the fact that I’ve been drinking and eating Tangerines for so long and so steadily probably helped to prevent my getting sick with the virus.
    Nobody knows for sure, but I highly recommend that your readership start drinking tangerine juice or eating tangerines steadily asap.

  10. Unless for some medical reason your MD tells you not to drink or eat tangerines, I’m telling you drink an 8 oz glass a day or eat 8oz equivalent and you will be a happy camper.
    Katrina Wasserman

  11. Doctor Ruby says...

    All I can tell you folks…

    Vitamin D


    read the articles on drinking tangerine juice and eating tangerines, there are tons of them.

  12. Benny Bardot says...

    Tangerine juice works. Just make sure that it’s fresh squeezed and not pasteurized.

  13. Just got home from the Boys Market in Delray Beach. Bought 6 32oz Kennesaw Fresh Tangerine bottles. Your story makes a whole lot of sense to me. This initial buy will get me started on adding tangerine juice to my everyday diet.

  14. Helen Ford says...

    i had no idea as to how important tangerines were to overall health. Thanks for reposting this story.
    Helen Ford

  15. Very interesting.
    i knew about strawberries, watermelon, oranges, pineapple, but never heard about tangerines being so good for people.

  16. Hard to find fresh squeezed tangerine juice in supermarkets.
    I squeeze a glass a day at home.

  17. Bob Gross says...

    Cynthia Cross says…
    This is a very worthwhile article. I read it years ago and have been drinking fresh tangerine juice daily.

    On November 19, 2018 at 9:26 am · # · (Edit)
    Henry Klein says…
    Very good advice.
    I’ve been drinking tangerine juice on an every day basis for over 20 years and I can honestly tell you that I’ve had maybe 20 colds in all those years. I really think that the daily 8oz glass of tangerine juice has something to do with that pretty good record.

    On November 20, 2018 at 8:24 am · # · (Edit)
    Robin Weissman says…
    Read the story.
    Just bought 6 pints of fresh squeezed juice at The Boys Market in Delray Beach. $3.49 a pint.
    The article makes a whole lot of sense to me.

    On November 20, 2018 at 8:25 am · # · (Edit)
    Nancy Feinman says…
    It’s not that easy to find fresh juice. I checked Whole Food and they didn’t have it. Decided best way was to squeeze my own.

    On November 20, 2018 at 7:49 pm · # · (Edit)
    Nathan G says…
    Long time reader.

    Your tangerine recommendation makes a load of sense.

    I have been drinking tangerine juice regularly for over 25 years. I try to average 8 oz a day and I have been pretty healthy the whole way. Other than for cataract surgery 14 years ago, so far so good and I’m 81 years old.

    On December 18, 2018 at 1:56 pm · # · (Edit)
    Joe Pistone says…
    I have been a tangerine “follower” for over 35 years.
    Years ago (I’m 76) my internist told me that 8 oz of tangerine juice a day would be a big boost to a healthy life. Not sure why, but in the past 35 years other than for cataract surgery on both eyes and a right eye torn retina problem literally I’ve had no real health issues. For sure, I know that I haven’t had too many colds during that period.
    I would recommend that your readers check with their doctors and see what they think of this tangerine philosophy. They should also search the internet and read some of the numerous articles that cover the subject.

    On December 26, 2018 at 8:22 am · # · (Edit)
    Lee R says…

    Tangerine Juice

    There is good indication that tangerines may help prevent heart attacks.
    Tangerines are in the mandarin family. Satsuma, Kinnow and the popular Clementine are sister fruits, and all are delicious and an excellent lunch-box delight. They’re easy to peel, wonderfully sweet and highly nutritious. People who have a difficult time digesting oranges can find tangerines more agreeable.
    The Healing Powers and Health Benefits of Tangerine Juice
    Anti-inflammatory Benefits Eyesight Blood Thinner Prevents Skin Cancer (Melanoma) Protects From Breast Cancer Relieves Symptoms of Arthritis
    Tangerine Juice Nutrition
    A small tangerine can have more usable vitamin C than a large orange. They’re also a good source of folate, potassium, vitamin A, and fiber when eaten.
    Nutrition Facts
    Tangerine Juice is an excellent source of:
    Vitamin C
    Tangerine Juice is a good source of:
    Folate Acid
    Fibre (when eaten)
    Vitamin A (beta-carotene)
    Phytochemicals & Antioxidants in Tangerine Juice
    Tangerines are a good source of beta cryptoxanthin, which has been shown to reduce the inflammation that is caused by arthritis. They also provide a generous supply of eye-protecting lutein. Two additional flavonoids found in tangerines are tangeretin and nobiletin. Research done at the University of Western Ontario has found that tangeretin is 36 times more powerful than hesperestin at halting the proliferation of breast-cancer and skin-cancer cells. The flavonoid nobiletin has been shown to be almost as strong. Both of these flavonoids can also function as blood thinners and anti-inflammatories, so when you add a liberal supply of vitamin C, there is good indication that tangerines may help prevent heart attacks.
    Make the Ultimate Tangerine Juice
    Preparing for Juicing
    Dubbed the “zipper fruit” because they almost fall out of their peel, tangerines are the perfect size to drop into any juicer hopper, seeds and all.
    I have spent over twenty years juicing thousands of pounds of produce and tried just about ever juicer on the market. I can confidently say that our Juice Nut Top Pick Juicers are the very best in workmanship, warranty, juice yield and juice quality. I’m nuts about these juicers!
    Click here to find out more…
    Tangerine Juice Tips
    Pure fresh tangerine juice can be quite expensive to make, that’s why I always mix them with oranges. Sometimes you will find that when you get home, your choice of oranges was less than good. The dead giveaway is the dull color when cut open, which promises a bland taste. The remedy is to throw a few juicy tangerines into the mix. Their lively taste can breathe new life into a tired orange.
    Picking Perfect Produce
    Tangerines are seasonal and can be found from November through February. They often come in small wooden crates covered in a plastic orange colored mesh, which can hide less then healthy fruit underneath. Peek under the mesh and look for well-colored fruit free of soft spots and mold.
    Storing Your Produce
    Can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator and are best eaten within a week.
    Taste Combos
    The unique taste of tangerine mixes well with all citrus fruits, especially oranges.

    On December 26, 2018 at 8:45 am · # · (Edit)

    Bob Helmsley says…
    Not sure if it’s just pure luck or good genes but Ive been drinking fresh oj, grapefruit and tangerine juice on a daily basis for the past 45 years and at age 71 I can’t recall any real illness other than an ocassional cold if that much. Personally I think it’s the juice I drink which averages about 12 oz a day.

    On August 23, 2017 at 2:23 pm · # · (Edit)
    Walter Eisenberg says…
    Fresh squeezed tangerine juice is delicious.

    On August 23, 2017 at 2:27 pm · # · (Edit)
    Jeff Asner says…
    Tangerine juice is the way to go.
    It packs a much bigger punch than orange or grapefruit juice. If you drink a steady diet of tangerine juice, you’ll be a very happy camper in the health department. Ive been a steady tangerine eater and drinker for years and I’m telling you, you will feel great and amaze yourself as to healthy you’ve become.

    On August 23, 2017 at 7:30 pm · # · (Edit)
    Stupid Ass Nesbitt says…
    I love tangerine juice. I didn’t know it was that good for you. Great article.

    On August 23, 2017 at 9:16 pm · # · (Edit)
    Ellen G says…
    Never knew that fresh squeezed tangerine juice was so good for you.
    I’m in.

    On October 7, 2017 at 12:34 am · # · (Edit)
    Boca Joel says…
    Very informative story.

    I am definitely going to be eating and drinking tangerines.

    On October 7, 2017 at 11:13 am · # · (Edit)
    Larry A says…
    I think eating tangerines is better than drinking the juice.
    By doing that you get more fiber.

    On October 21, 2017 at 12:54 pm · # · (Edit)

    21 Comments to “Drink Tangerine Juice”
    Smithman says…
    I agree with Jeff.
    Going to start drinking tangerine juice.

    On October 13, 2014 at 12:45 pm · # · (Edit)
    DiamondDan says…
    Called Boys and it said Tangerine Juice won’t be in for a month or so.
    Definitely going to start to drink this juice.
    Bought some bags of tangerines in Publix and will eat whole fruit until juice shipment start to roll.

    On October 13, 2014 at 3:31 pm · # · (Edit)
    Ted Zo says…
    Just bought 6 32 oz bottles of tangerine juice at boys mkt.

    On November 1, 2014 at 3:35 pm · # · (Edit)
    ZED says…
    Started drinking tangerine juice on your say so.

    On November 11, 2014 at 1:59 pm · # · (Edit)
    LODI says…
    The Boys Market in Delray gets $2.39 for a qt of fresh juice. Best price around.
    Have been drinking the juice for the past 2 weeks and its very tasty. Doing 8 ounces a day. Can’t hurt!

    On November 24, 2014 at 3:07 pm · # · (Edit)
    Sid L. Turner says…
    I have been drinking a glass of fresh tangerine juice since you mentioned it.
    Very tasty.
    Hope it works.

    On January 15, 2015 at 9:44 am · # · (Edit)
    taylor says…
    My mandarin and tangerine trees are bending down from the weight of the fruit. I have given away 8 5 gallon pails of fruit in the past week and have barely made a dent. I use to squeeze and freeze but found the frozen juice ended up tasting bitter. In addition to the other health benefits Jeff mentioned, I read that it is excellent for anyone with breathing problems. Something in the juice opens the airways. I know it works for me. Off to squeeze some now. Next week we will begin harvesting lemons, grapefruit and limes. Oranges will not be ready until end of March. BTW, I have over 75 citrus trees which I started from seeds. Have had to stop as have run out of room to plant!!!!

    On February 11, 2015 at 8:45 am · # · (Edit)
    Larry F says…
    In season I drink a quart of either Tangerine, Orange or Grapefruit juice a day. I’m not fooling but I’ve been doing this for 20 + years and I really haven’t been sick a day in all those years. By the way I’m 69 years old.

    On June 30, 2015 at 9:40 pm · # · (Edit)
    Stupid Ass Nesbitt says…
    This is a very interesting article. Never realize how good tangerine juice was for you. Going to start to eat and drink more tangerines.

    On November 10, 2015 at 2:47 am · # · (Edit)
    frankW says…
    Also available at the Fresh Market

    On November 11, 2015 at 4:15 pm · # · (Edit)
    Al Goldfarb says…
    Interesting article.
    Went to The Boys today and bought 8 quarts of fresh juice at $2.49. The article makes sense so I’m going to drink 16 ounces a day. When out of season, switch to fresh orange and grapefruit. Simple plan that may do some good.

    On November 11, 2015 at 5:22 pm · # · (Edit)
    Lou Tendler says…
    No bs here, for years I’ve been eating all kinds of crap. At the same time, I’ve been drinking unpasteurized orange, tangerine and grapefruit juice and eating watermelon and all kinds of nuts and berries and at the age of 77 I haven’t been to a doctor since I had cataract surgery some 14 years ago. Maybe it’s the genes but I suspect that the juice, fruit and nuts is the primary reason.

    On January 4, 2017 at 4:55 pm · # · (Edit)
    Murray Strauss says…
    Love tangerines … every once in a while see people selling bushels on the side of a road. Worth checking out

    On January 5, 2017 at 6:39 am · # · (Edit)
    Larry Feingold (Lake Worth, Florida) says…
    For years, once a week my wife and I have been loading up with fresh juices at The Boys Market in Delray. Best prices. We also do the same with fresh fruits and vegetables there.

    We eat plenty of burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, etc but we really believe that the juices etc balance out the foods that you would think aren’t the best for you.

    So far so good, we are both in great shape with no major problems and we are both 69 years old.

    On January 5, 2017 at 7:21 am · # · (Edit)
    Ed Brown says…
    I have been reading you literally forever.

    I am 69 years old and eat everything that the cardiologists say you shouldn’t.

    Since I was 17 I’ve been drinking at least 32 oz a day of fresh squeezed juices, like orange, grapefruit and tangerine. Throw in 2 cups of black coffee a day and all I can tell you is that other than a broken elbow and arm in a fall some 15 years ago I literally haven’t been sick a day in my life.

    Call it what you want but fresh juice and fruits like watermelon and pineapple are the key to this game.

    On January 5, 2017 at 8:29 am · # · (Edit)
    Lana H says…
    Assuming you’re not a diabetic etc, fresh tangerine juice is absolute gold for your health. Ive been drinking tangerine, grapefruit and orange juice for years and knock wood ive been pretty health my whole life.

    You are so right on the fact that the juice has to be fresh and not pasteurized.

    On January 5, 2017 at 10:42 am · # · (Edit)
    James E says…
    Here’s your great story on watermelon. Your recommendations on tangerine juice, pineapple, pistachio nuts etc are all right on the money.

    I believe eat what you want, but everyday get at least 8oz of fresh juice into your body and you’ll be just fine.

    Eat Watermelon!
    Posted on June 27th, 2015 · American Music/Events/Other · [edit]
    ***** Eat Watermelon!

    Way-back on September 5, 2014 Jeff Eats did a story “Watermelon!” It’s reprinted down below.

    The reason why I am mentioning WATERMELON is that I really-believe that eating this fruit helps-makes-keeps you healthy!


    I maybe nuts, but- it’s now Watermelon Season and if I’m wrong, so what!

    Watermelon tastes great and it’s dirt cheap to buy!

    Posted on September 5th, 2014 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other

    * Watermelon!

    I don’t know about you guys, but when Labor Day hits, that means-end of Summer to Jeff Eats.

    Taking that formula one-step further, Labor Day/End of Summer/next step- goodbye watermelon until next Summer.


    As I’m sure you know, last Monday- Labor Day 2014 hit…and it got me to thinking about watermelon. Now no bs-ing here, on any given day Jeff Eats can eat 1/2 of a large watermelon-no problem at all. For the record, watermelon is one of my favorite fruits and I recall years ago hearing that it was a very “healthy” fruit.

    With the above in mind, take a look at this Watermelon “story” I just read on…

    For what it’s worth, I think this watermelon “info” is something to definitely have on file in the back of your head. As the late great- Sy Syms use to say, “An educated consumer is our best customer.”

    Finally, maybe one of you scientists out there can explain this- How do you grow seedless watermelons from seedless watermelons?

    Some foods are fun to eat, and watermelon is definitely one of them. That triangular wedge of bright red/white/green, sweet juiciness forbids us to take life too seriously and shouts, “SUMMER!!!” As if that weren’t enough, watermelon is packed full of nutrition, hydrates and is low-fat. While many of us think of watermelon as a great snack option, when you tally up its nutritive value, you might consider making this all-star a feature player in your cuisine.

    Watermelons are an excellent source of several vitamins: vitamin A, which helps maintain eye health and is an antioxidant; vitamin C, which helps strengthen immunity, heal wounds, prevent cell damage, promote healthy teeth and gums; and vitamin B6, which helps brain function and helps convert protein to energy.

    Tomatoes have been highly touted as a great source for lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps fight heart disease and several types of cancer — prostate cancer in particular. Watermelon, however, has the highest concentrations of lycopene of any fresh fruit or vegetable.

    If your little ones don’t dig into their swiss chard, lima beans or spinach — all great sources of potassium — consider offering them a serving of watermelon instead. It is a great source of potassium, which helps muscle and nerve function, helps maintain the body’s proper electrolyte and acid-base balance, and helps lower the risk of high blood pressure.

    Watermelon also contains the amino acids citrulline and arginine, which can help maintain arteries, blood flow and overall cardiovascular function.

    Alone or in a fruit salad are the most common ways many of us eat watermelon. While eating the meat of the fruit is the best way to take advantage of all of its nutrients, this is one of my favorite bits of summer refreshment. I get a version of this from my local burrito truck. The key to making this great: don’t oversweeten it. With just a touch of sweetness, it’s heavenly.

    On January 5, 2017 at 10:43 am · # · (Edit)
    Tom Grey says…
    Just bought 6 32oz Kenneshaw Tangerine Juices at The Boys in Delray for $2.39 each.

    On January 5, 2017 at 2:18 pm · # · (Edit)
    Shalom Tommer Israel says…
    Very interesting article.

    On January 5, 2017 at 4:36 pm · # · (Edit)
    Jones T says…
    Are you the wrestler who held the heavyweight wrestling title a few years ago.

    On January 7, 2017 at 11:22 pm · # · (Edit)
    Ed Golden says…
    Just bought fresh tangerine juice at The Boys Market. The article makes a ton of sense.

    On January 11, 2017 at 11:24 am · # · (Edit)

  18. Jeff,

    Tangerine Juice, Watermelon Juice, Pineapple Juice, Grapefruit Juice are all part of my diet.

    If I can’t buy the juice fresh I squeeze my own.

    This past September I turned 81 and have never felt better in my life. I started my juice campaign in my mid 50s and drink at least 8 ounces of one of the above every morning.

    Ed Krause

  19. Mark V says...

    Started this morning on my daily 8oz of tangerine juice.

    Great article.

  20. Brandy Wine says...

    Fresh squeezed tangerine juice isn’t easy to find. Most of the time i squeeze my own in the my kitchen.

  21. Lesley B says...

    Fresh Market just started carrying fresh squeezed tangerine juice.

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