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Florida Restaurants Who Make Off-The-Chart Delicious Chicken Wings!

Posted on July 29th, 2022 · American Fast Food

Originally posted on February 28th, 2022.

* Florida Restaurants Who Make Off-The-Chart Delicious Chicken Wings!

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  1. The Frog and Monkey Restaurant & Pub In Mount Dora has amazing food and its wings are outrageously delicious. This restaurant is great and if you have never been there, make it your business to get there.

    • Heather Garner says...

      My family and I have been eating there for years and you are right, great food and their wings are literally to die for.

  2. Love Duffy’s wings.

  3. Love the wings at Bob G’s Wings N Things in Sunrise, Fl.

  4. Lou G says...

    The wings at Bethune Grill in Daytona Beach are great.

  5. Georgia Marsch (Boca Raton, Florida) says...

    The wings at Packy’s Grill
    in Boca Raton are delicious.

  6. Diana Cavallero says...

    Granger’s in Delray Beach has great wings. By the way, their in house made chicken fingers and onion soup are also sensational.

  7. Barry Dunn says...

    Zaxby’s has great wings.
    It has a lot of Florida locations.

  8. Marc Voight says...

    Bru’s Room which has a bunch of Florida locations makes great wings.

  9. I love wings.
    Duffy’s which has a number of Florida locations is one of my favorite places for wings.
    They make them 2 ways, naked and breaded.
    Both are delicious but the breaded are my favorites.

  10. Ron Dyson says...

    Put me down for Wingstop which has a ton of Florida locations.

  11. Jane Voight says...

    I LOVE DUFFY’S breaded wings.

  12. Mrs Maltz says...

    I love Duffy’s naked and breaded wings.

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