Warren – American/Whiskey/ Kitchen (Delray Beach)

Posted on June 11th, 2021 · American Delray Beach Music/Events/Other Seafood

* Warren- American/Whiskey/Kitchen.

Hearing absolutely terrific things about Warren, 15084 Lyons Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33446, (561) 455-4177 which opened about a week ago in Delray Beach.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have reservations for early next week.

Hearing that the American-Style joint’s food kills, that it has 2 indoor liquor bars that-literally serve everything imaginable, an outdoor patio that in the coming months will feature all types of musical entertainment, a well trained and professional staff, an everyday 3-6pm by the clock happy hour and a decor that is as cool and hip as can be!

As I mentioned a couple of seconds ago, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats have reservations next week- so be on the look -out for an update on Warren in the very near future!

In the meantime, check for menu/prices/reservations/info.

By the way, if you beat Jeff Eats to Warren, let me know what you think!

Warren is open Tuesday-Sunday 5pm-10pm, closed on Monday.

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  1. Barbara Mann says...

    Beat you there. My husband and I ate at Warren’s last Tuesday and all I can say is WOW! The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. We shared a Caesar salad, lamb chops and crab cakes. The food was fabulous. Warren has only been open a week or so, that said you’d swear that it had been around forever. The staff was incredible, no slip ups and everything ran as smoothly as can be.
    You are going to love this joint,.

  2. Lori Castellano says...

    My husband and I and another couple tried Warren last Friday night. JAMMED. This is one of the coolest restaurants I’ve ever been in. Never expected such a cool place in West Delray Beach. Maybe, on Atlantic by the Ocean but never on Lyons & Atlantic.
    This restaurant is an absolute must try. The food and service were terrific. There is a cool vibe to Warren that makes it a real fun place to eat.

  3. Looking forward to eating there. Figuring some time next week.
    Saw Warren the other day after shopping in Joseph’s which is in the same center. The restaurant is really funky looking.
    I heard that the same guys who own Revolution in Ft Lauderdale also own Warren. Revolution is one of my favorite concert venues in Florida.

  4. Jill Rubin says...

    Great place.
    Warren is literally next door to the new Joseph’s Classic Market. Plenty of parking. There is also a no charge valet.
    What a great find.
    My bf and I ate at the main bar.I had the fried chicken sandwich and he had the cheeseburger. Amazing!
    We recently moved into The Bridges which is a few minutes away. Guaranteed, The Bridges and 7 Bridges and all of the young new communities in the area are going to be huge customers. The restaurant has plenty of seating inside and out. Young, old, families are all going to love Warren. For now it is only open for dinner but one of the staff told me that lunch / brunch will soon be added.

  5. Ellen G says...

    My husband and I tried Warren last night. It was very busy, but without a reservation we were were seated at 7:30pm after a 5 minute wait.

    The restaurant is a really cool looking place. It’s modern and really casual but it still has a very upscale look to it.

    The menu has enough on it so everybody should find something delicious to eat.

    We shared the Korean Fried Chicken and a Chopped Salad. Both were excellent.
    From what we saw Warren can cater to all ages. For sure the real drinking crowd is going to go nuts for the gigantic selection but families and others will also love Warren. The menu has all kinds of items to be shared.

  6. Heather says...

    Went to Warren opening weekend and couldn’t have been more pleased. This place is amazing and right down the street from my house!! Me and my boyfriend are BIG whisky connoisseurs they have the best collection we have ever seen. WOW. Will for sure be back!!

  7. Harry Taub says...

    You are going to love Warren.
    My family ate dinner there last night and the food was excellent. Ordered dishes included Caesar Salad, Korean Fried Chicken, Crab Cakes and St. Louis Ribs. The restaurant has a whole separate bar area and a smaller bar in the main dining room. Both bars were very busy. Service was extremely good. The crowd was all ages.

  8. Iris Haber says...

    Tried to get in last night around 8:25. Absolutely packed. Will try again during the week. By the way the restaurant is amazing looking. Real modern look.

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