These Ladies Will Make Sure That Trump Wins A Second Term!

Posted on March 5th, 2019 · Music/Events/Other

* These Ladies Will Make Sure That Trump Wins A Second Term!

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  1. Lo Lo says...

    A socialist and an anti-Semite.

  2. Gary F says...

    The socialist is one thing, but that antiSemite lost any chance that this Jew will Vote for Dem Pres nominee here in Florida.

  3. Arnold Stang says...

    Trump’s lucky day when these two losers got elected to Congress.

  4. Cheryl W says...

    Have to agree with others here, socialist and antiSemite are going to destroy any Democrats chance to win the presidency.

    That anyone would vote for these 2 tells me, I’ll stick with Trump as crazy as he may act at times.

  5. KLEINMAN says...

    Trump lucked out.
    All he has to do is pray that these two assholes keep talking.

  6. Victor Black says...

    Who in their right mind would vote for these two fools in the first place?

    Pelosi better clamp down on these two real fast because if she doesn’t most Americans that I know will punish all Democrats in 2020.

  7. Angelo G says...

    As a Trump supporter, I’m loving it.
    These 2 women are now the face of the Democrat Party.

  8. Dr. Stephenson says...

    Trump will win a second term.
    The Democrats have a bunch of loser nobody’s trying to get nominated.
    Trump is heavy handed, but he is doing everything right Policy wise.

  9. Orlando Rivera says...

    Let me see, a Muslim Terrorist and a Communist are now the faces of the Democrat Party.
    Trump will win in a landslide, unless Biden gets the nomination. Trump still wins, but it’ll be close.

  10. MAGA says...

    How did that Muslim Terrorist get to Congress?

  11. Gregory S says...

    One wants you not to have children and one wants Israel to be eliminated.
    Give us Americans a freaking break.
    See you guys at the Trump re-election Party.

  12. Sean Furhman says...

    I voted for Clinton.
    That said, these 2 women should be investigated. The Socialist for campaign finance irregularities and the other woman for being a terrorist supporter.

  13. Bobby C says...

    You guys remember this shit?

  14. Valerie W says...

    Wtf is wrong with these Democrats.
    Trump beat Clinton fair and square.

    As for these two assholes, just look at what some dopes voted to put in Congress.

  15. Dwight says...

    Stick to burgers and pizza, Jeff. Your politics suck.

    • Joey Gotti says...

      Jeff never takes a position. He just throws things out there for his readers to discuss.
      Personally, any person who would have anything to do with these women is an absolute schmuck, that is, unless your a freaking Muslim terrorist supporter or like to bankrupt the USA with socialist half ass programs.

    • Ted W says...


      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign finance hypocrisy
      by Dan Backer
      | February 21, 2019 12:00 AM
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      From tax policy to Amazon’s job creation, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is building a reputation for being wrong about nearly everything. Now we can add campaign finance law to the list.

      In what has become the most viewed Twitter video of any politician, Ocasio-Cortez recently played a “Corruption Game” during a House Oversight Committee hearing to call for “campaign finance reform.” In her words: “We have a system that is fundamentally broken. We have these influences existing in this body, which means that these influences are here, in this committee, shaping the questions that are being asked of you all right now.”

      The crux of Ocasio-Cortez’ position, explained on her campaign website, is that “the wealthiest people in this country [have] the opportunity to purchase the U.S. Government,” which “discourages those who are less privileged from even considering a run.”

      The Trump White House in review: Week 109
      Watch Full Screen to Skip Ads
      Ocasio-Cortez crusades against “special interests,” but every interest is “special” to those who care about it. That’s as true for the pro-abortion groups publicly endorsing Ocasio-Cortez as it is for the labor unions funding her campaign committee. They just happen to be “special interests” she likes, unlike (for example) the 25,000 New Yorkers who won’t be getting jobs at Amazon thanks in part to her work.

      Ironically, Ocasio-Cortez’ own story contradicts her narrative that the “little guy” can’t win. A former bartender from a working-class background, Ocasio-Cortez defeated former Rep. Joe Crowley after being outspent by an 18-to-1 margin. A longtime incumbent who hadn’t faced a primary opponent since 2004, Crowley was the epitome of an entrenched D.C. insider with deep pockets. Yet he still lost (just like Eric Cantor before him).

      Ocasio-Cortez is now one of the Democratic Party’s brightest stars, gracing the cover of Vanity Fair and attracting a $10 million Netflix documentary, only months after serving drinks in New York City. Her story proves that money doesn’t win elections, charismatic politicians and popular ideas do. If you really want to support a socialist candidate, no billionaire boogeyman can stop you. If you don’t, then you choose someone else. There is no amount of money that’s going to make voters vote for someone they don’t want to vote for. Just ask Jeb! Or ask Hillary Clinton, who outspent President Trump 2-to-1.

      Money is simply a tool used to disseminate ideas to the public. Ocasio-Cortez knows it, having raised well over $2 million and spending nearly $1.7 million of it in her general election without facing any real competition. She spent those funds to spread her socialist ideas to the American people, through advertising, grassroots outreach, and other forms of political speech — the same speech Ocasio-Cortez would deny others in the name of “campaign finance reform.”

      Ocasio-Cortez’ public image is as a woman of the people, taking on “corporate PACs [from] the fossil fuel industry, the healthcare industry, big pharma,” and calling out lobbyists who supposedly “write laws” in their favor.

      She’s a hypocrite. The same “broken system” has worked remarkably well in her favor and makes her re-election likelier with each passing day. This is the same Ocasio-Cortez who has received more than $60,000 from lawyers and lobbyists, and an additional $23,450 from the healthcare industry. Throw in over $90,000 from finance, insurance, and real estate “interests,” and we have the makings of a savvy fundraiser.

      Even as she scapegoats “the fossil fuel industry” and “big pharma” for lobbying Congress, Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t appear bothered enough to turn down more than $46,000 in contributions from union officials, who support laws that benefit pro-Democrat labor unions. I guess those are the right kinds of “special interests”?

      When you hear her discuss rich people buying Congress, you’re not likely to hear her bring up George Soros, Tom Steyer, or Michael Bloomberg, who flood our political system with hundreds of millions of dollars. Apparently, those interests, because they align with hers, are the right kind of “special.”

      Ocasio-Cortez is not alone. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., routinely urge Congress to “get money out of politics,” as they continue to host fundraising galas and cocktail parties. Since the late 1980s, their campaign committees have raised a combined $117 million ( $90.4 million for Schumer and $26.5 million for Pelosi), and hundreds of millions more for Democratic super PACs. And all these Democrats have turned a completely blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s $84 million money laundering scheme during the 2016 election, the single largest campaign finance scandal in U.S. history.

      If the system is indeed “broken,” the Left’s hypocrisy isn’t about fixing it. It’s about the fact that they’re only fixing it for themselves.

      Dan Backer is a veteran campaign counsel, having served more than 100 candidates, PACs, and political organizations. He is founding attorney of, a campaign finance and political law firm in Alexandria, Va.

    • Joey Bonsignore says...

      I’m thinking that you are going to be real sad when the Republicans win all three, President, Senate and House in 2020. These women wrecked it for the Dems. If you don’t believe, catch you in 2020 on election eve.

  16. Azureblue says...

    They are both scum! Congratulations to the Democrat Party that is now for socialism and anti-Semitic idiots

  17. Joe Kennedy says...

    No question in my mind, you want to lose voters then you let these women talk their shit.

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