Trump Running For President

Posted on June 17th, 2015 · Music/Events/Other


* Trump Running For President.

Did you guys get to watch Trump’s Announcement? Talk about buffoons!

If Trump is such a business genius, how come his Atlantic City Casinos all went bust?

Look! Jeff Eats gotta run, don’t want to miss my Trump Airlines’ flight.

23 Comments to “Trump Running For President”

  1. Sidney L Turner says...

    The fool is now on tv telling everyone that he wants Oprah Winfrey as his running mate. This clown is something else.

  2. LODI says...

    Trump has cheated every contractor he has ever done business with.
    His casino shareholders got wiped out.
    This is a bad guy.

  3. CHARLES says...

    JEFF –
    Make fun all you want… With or without hair he is better than the fools there now!
    LET’S EAT!!

    • KLEINMAN says...


      The fools currently in office didn’t cost me $150,000 when Trump’s common stock went bust.

    • Simon says...

      Who is he better than and HOW is he better. Please show all work.

  4. Kalowitz says...

    Trump is a two bit crook. Our company once did work for him and he refused to pay the contracted price. We finally settled getting 85% of what was actually due.

  5. chewey says...

    Right now Trump is on Hannity and he is a bigger moron than I originally thought.

  6. JoyceEatsBagels says...

    Just saw Trump on Morning Joe. This man is an egomaniac. The man is really off his rocker.
    I love that he is running to be on these tv shows this way all of America can see what a really huge fool this man is. You watch him talk and you just don’t like him.

    • John GoolBun says...

      Trump will get the benefit of more publicity and has declared he is worth 9.5 BILLION…not a bad chunk of change

      • COSTELLO says...

        Trump has more skeletons in his closet than an old pirate.
        If and when the time comes, the press will uncover stories that will make people sit up and say WTF.
        How about the one where, his father brought cash into the casino and deposited at the cage because one of the AC’ casino’s didn’t meet regulatory guidelines. After the agency said okay, the money was then withdrawn without ever being played.
        Or how about Trump turning down $24 for Trump public stock and then the Company went bankrupt with shareholders losing everything.
        Or how about all the contractors that he has signed contracts with and after the work was done he refued to pay.

        Just wait.

  7. SELTZER says...

    The freaking guy has been married 3 times. Anyone who would get married 3 times can’t be too smart.

    • John GoolBun says...

      Seltzer, don’t be a jackass by being so judgmental. Frank Sinatra and many other amazing people have been married 3 TIMES… you are a fool!

  8. gary says...

    Trump is a house of cards. A man made of smoke and mirrors.

    Great line about Trump Airlines.

    The man is a FRAUD.

  9. Young Court says...

    Had completely forgotten about Trump Airlines.
    Good catch.

  10. Harold K says...

    The more you listen to this guy the more you realize that he is one gigantic egotistical fool.

  11. ksr says...

    When the press starts to really look into this clown it ain’t going to be pretty. He’s a dumb crook.

  12. Zippy Horowitz says...

    Betcha anything that he isn’t worth anything close to 9 billion.

    Trump is a phony.

  13. CollegeKid1981 says...

    What a silly sounding man.

  14. XmanLeroy says...

    Trump is a jackass.
    Public shareholders and bond holders in his casino companies got wiped out.

    Trump Airlines failed.

    The guy really is a gigantic loser, just wait to the other candidates decide to expose him.

  15. ksr says...

    McCain crap will do him in.
    Trump looks and sounds like a moron.

  16. Trump has no chance in General Election.

  17. Trump will lose so bad that it won’t be funny.
    If Romney was running he would sweep in.
    There is something very wrong with Trump.
    He has no knowledge of today’s issues.
    Very scary that Republicans got stuck with this fool.

    For sure Clinton is a crook etc. But TRUMP TRUMPS her as a real loser.

  18. Louis Costello says...

    Trump is a fool.
    The man should just disappear.
    What a loser.

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