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Posted on May 5th, 2014 · Stocks


* Tesla Motors.

I don’t know about you, but Jeff Eats finds the Tesla Motors “the electric-car company” a very interesting story.

One of my neighbors just got one and I will tell you, it’s a great looking car. I might also add- it’s a very very expensive car.

Tesla Motors is a public company- trading under the symbol TSLA. The last time I checked the stock was around $217 a share

If I got this right, 1-battery charge maybe gets the car to travel 200 miles.

Look! There is no way that BMW, Ford, GM, Acura aren’t going to eventually crush this novel-company. Do you really believe that the major car-players are going to let a little pisher own a segment of the auto industry-namely the electric segment? Well Jeff Eats doesn’t.

If this stuff interests you, do some “research” on Tesla…trust me, it’s an interesting read!

What I do know is that TSLA’s stock- hype or no hype isn’t worth $217. I’m no accountant, but its most recent earnings report says $217 is a BUBBLE!

Jeff Eats has “no price” in mind…but my guess is that anyone who bought this stock under $217 should be looking for the exit-door asap!

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  1. Lo Lo says...

    Stock is over $300.

  2. Lo Lo says...

    277 today.

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