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La Perrada de Edgar (Miami Beach)

Posted on June 27th, 2014 · Fast Food Latin Miami Beach


***** La Perrada de Edgar, 6976 Collins Avenue, North Miami, Florida 33141, (305) 866-4543.

The other night, Jeff Eats caught a re-run of- Anthony Bourdain on the Food Channel. Not exactly sure what the program’s name was, but its got food-critic Anthony Bourdain “running” all around America-finding interesting restaurants/foods. Variation- on the “theme”… tv shows fronted by Guy Fieri and Adam Richman.


The episode I caught had Bourdain eating at- a hole in the wall-Colombian hot dog joint named La Perrada de Edgar which is in Miami Beach. Order at/pickup at counter/counter seating.

You can catch the “episode”/menu/prices/other stuff at

The game at Edgar’s- grilled hot dogs with literally 10,000,000 toppings-available. By the way, La Perrada de Edgar has other stuff like salads and empanadas, but like I said before…the real game here is hot dogs.

Based on Bourdain-I gave the joint a shot.

Just so we are straight with each other, I personally believe that the CORRECT WAY to eat an all beef hot dog is with deli mustard and warm sauerkraut–on occasion, sautéed onions can be substituted for the sauerkraut. The hot dog must be grilled never boiled and Ketchup is never-ever in the topping equation.


First things first, this guy Edgar makes his dogs on a spinning electric grill. I’m sure that you guys have seen this type of “machine” in bowling alley snack bars, flea market food courts, amusement park and movie theatre food counters. To be honest with you, “these” machines get the job done, but I’m thinking flat top gas grills, gas bbq grills, charcoal grills when I think grilled hot dogs–not some low-end revolving “grill.”

Now on the food, Jeff Eats tried 4 different hot dogs…
Roman ($5.99- mozzarella cheese/bacon/meatballs/Italian sauce/cheese sauce/ketchup/potato sticks).
Mexican ($5.99- mozzarella cheese/chili/potato sticks).
Colombian ($4.99- mozzarella cheese/onion/pink sauce/house sauce/mustard/ketchup/potato sticks).
Chinese ($6.49- teriyaki chicken/sesame seeds/garlic sauce/potato sticks).

Jeff Eats also tried cheese arepa ($4.49) and salchipapa French fries ($4.49-pieces of sausage/pink sauce).

Let me wrap La Perrada de Edgar for you…

Jeff Eats enjoyed all of the hot dogs. Of the 4- tried, I thought that the Chinese one was the best. I also enjoyed the arepa and fries.

The way to handle this…putting aside the fact that La Perrada de Edgar isn’t making hot dogs Jeff Eats’ “way”–I gotta tell you that the stuff it turns out is real-good. The combinations are “interesting”-the portions “huge” and the prices “just right.”

Just from being around, Jeff Eats knows that there is a huge market down here in South Florida for the Latin-Gourmet-Hot Dog.

The suggestion here, give this joint a try. For most of you, it will be a real nice outing and a very different eating experience.

La Perrada de Edgar is open Monday-Friday noon-midnight, Saturday-Sunday noon-3am.

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