***** Johnny Contardo *****

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***** Johnny Contardo *****

Now, I may be going out on a limb here… But one of the most underrated singers in Rock N Roll history has to be Johnny Contardo who was the lead singer of Sha Na Na from 1971 to 1983. Now many of you guys may think Jeff Eats has lost it, but as a huge fan of 50s & 60’s Rock N Roll music, Johnny’s singing prowess has to be rated right up there with that of Roy Orbison, Frankie Valli and other greats of that era. If you do some “You Tube” checking, you will find that although Jon “Bowzer” Bauman was known as Sha Na Na’s leader, it was Contardo’s tenor/falsetto leads that made the group a huge television, recording and concert act.

You can check Johnny Contardo’s website for audio/video/personal information.

In November 2011, the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton invited the semi-retired Los Angeles based Contardo to perform at the Club backed by local party band The Fabulons. Just so you know, I saw that 1-hour performance and suffice it to say Contardo absolutely killed it.

The reason that I am now mentioning this “old” story…I just learned that Huntington Lakes (condo community) in Delray Beach has signed Johnny Contardo to perform there on Saturday, October 20, 2012. I have no other details…

Like I said before, the Woodfield Country Club “brought” Contardo to Florida…apparently, Huntington Lakes is now doing the same thing. From what I can tell, Contardo isn’t on a circuit tour of South Florida.

All I know, is that in this day and age, it is getting harder and harder to “see” the true legends and greats of Rock N Roll.

If this type of thing is your bag, check with Huntington Lakes and see if you can get to see Johnny Contardo in this very rare public appearance.

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  1. Mark Barletta says...

    My Wife and I went to Bowzers Doo Wop show at Mohegan Sun last Sunday in Conn.What a great Irt was all the old time groups were fantastic.Johnny Cantardo was there as well He sang several songs his voice is still great what a thrill it was to be there Bowzer was great as well After the show Bowzer and Johnny did ameet and great the were extreemly graciousth their time signing autographs talking with us fans and taking photos I wish I had had more time to talk with them. Two better guys you will not find I highlr recomend their concertsIf they are in your area be sure to go itswell worth it,.

  2. TA says...

    Really simple.
    Johnny is one of Rock’s great lead singers.

  3. Steve C. says...

    Ive seen Johnny perform 3 times during the past 4 years.
    He has a great voice and is very personable.
    I have to agree with many here that he was one of the most underrated lead singers in rock n roll history.

  4. LLC says...

    Johnny Contardo has a fabulous voice.
    As good as any of the best lead singers including Maestro, Beaumont, Smokey and Ruffin.

  5. Johnny Contardo says...

    Wanted to check in and say hello. You guys and gals make an old singer feel real good with your kind words. Will be in North Carolina this weekend at Brock for Performing Arts Theatre. Looking forward to it. Wife will be staying home with the cats. Thanks again and take care, Johnny.

    • The Tanners says...

      let us know when you’ll be in florida.
      we would love to catch your show.
      The Tanners

    • Ron Reese says...

      Hey Johnny,
      Without you and Bowzer there was no group.
      Bowzer for levity and you for killer leads.
      I’m sure you know that.

  6. Les says...

    Any new 2013 or 2014 Florida dates planned?

  7. Hello there far away,
    I’m living in the Netherlands. I really want to know iff at any time the DVD’s are available from the TV shows. In my car you can only listen to Sha-na-na music and the high notes from Johnny,. GREAT!!
    I always wonder how many octave he can reach.
    Greetings from Holland.

  8. Sid L. Turner says...

    One of the greatest lead singers, EVER!!!

  9. IHR says...

    Just left You Tube and I must say that Johnny Contardo as lead singer of Sha Na Na was one of the greatest lead singers of all time. Just that simple.

  10. VF says...

    Johnny Contardo,

    One of the greatest lead singers in the history of Rock N Roll.
    Just that simple.

  11. Rochelle says...

    Why did Johnny stop his singing career?

  12. Johnny Contardo says...

    Still performing Rochelle. Will be on an oldies cruise April 27 with Bowzer . Royal Carribean. Rocky from Rocky and The Rollers is promoting it. In answer to Sonja, over three octaves, including falsetto. Take care, Johnny Contardo.

    • Rochelle says...

      Johnny, I want to buy some of your CD’s, so I sent my check to the address on your website and it was returned to me marked “Attempted – not known. Unable to forward.” Can you please tell me how I can purchase your CD’s? Thank you very much!

  13. Jane says...

    Johnny, I have been a fan of yours from the very beginning and would watch Sha Na Na every week just to see and hear you. Last night my husband and I watched most of your performances from YouTube on Roku. The full concert from 1973 brought back many fond memories of you and the gang. Any more oldies cruises coming up for you? You are definitely one of the greatest singers ever!! Thanks for the memories.

  14. Anthony Franza says...

    Johnny Contardo made Sha Na Na.
    He has a fabulous voice.

  15. Glenda Paul says...

    Johnny is the best… So talented .. Gorgeous and a really sweet guy..unreservedly my favourite singer everšŸ˜Š

  16. Cristina Marie Velazquez says...

    When will Johnny be performing in South Florida or NY? Would love to see him sing live.

  17. Gary Church says...

    I have seen Johnny Contardo perform twice with Sha Na Na. He is a true singer by all means. I still go too You Tube and listen to him. Thanks for a great job Johnny, which includes the rest of Sha Na Na!

  18. Susie says...

    Can we still buy your records. Rochelle (above) had her check returned and I see no response to her question. I love your signing so much and listen to You Are My Destiny every night. Please let me hear from you.

  19. Ellen G says...

    Johnny Contardo one of the most underrated lead singers in the history of Rock N Roll. Gorgeous voice.

  20. Grace Claire says...

    I think Sha Na Na was a great group in its heyday! I would love to see one of “their” shows!

  21. Donna Muir says...

    I, too, have just received my check returned for a CD, envelope was marked, Attempted, Not Known-Return to Sender. I took address from the updated website recommended by “foofsmom” on You Tube. Could you please provide a legitimate address so that I can resend this check for your CD, Ballads For Lovers, Volume 1
    Thank you, Donna

  22. Johnny Contardo says...

    Sorry for the returned checks. You can purchase cd from my new address. Make it out to Vocal Power, P.O.Box 80046, Rancho Santa Margarita, California, 92688. Please go to my new site and subscribe for free and you will receive a newsletter every few months.

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